Queen In Hyun's Man Episode 2

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Hee Jin gets the part, but later learns it was not because of her acting ability. While Boong Do is trying to make sense of what has happened to him once he returns to his own time. Back in modern Seoul, Hee Jin decides to talk a walk while waiting for the press conference of the drama to begin and an unusual situation happens before her eyes and she meets Boong Do again.
  • Aired: April 19, 2012

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Nov 28, 2012

Still too early...

It's still too early to form an opinion of QIHM. I continue to watch in anticipation of good things to come, but I'm not yet hooked. I have questions, though, which keep me looking forward to future episodes and that's always a good thing.
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May 5, 2012

Clever man

Nothing is sexier than a smart man.
He observes, ponders and draws conclusions. While he hasn't got the logical answers to the question as to why is he travelling in time, he has already figured out the how and makes the best out of the situation.
I like his sober ways and his non-silly honesty, which makes a great contrast - and match - to our sassy heroine, not to mention that it offers a quiet and subtle sort of humour I definitely like.
I'm bought.
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Apr 29, 2012

something else

I can't say that much after watching only two episodes of Queen In Hyun's Man but I really like it. At the beginning I thought'oh my god, a korean historical drama' cause I don't like their clothes(sorry)But the increasing suspension kept me watching and now I impatiently waitung for the next sub!
sometimes it's kind of confusing, but I don't hate confusing scenes.this drama is much more interesting than dramas which are too easy showin nothing unexpected: a man and a woman get to know each other -> there is some kind of conflict between them/love at first sight-> get together-> misunderstanding/love rival-> heartbrokeness(from this point on the actors will have to cry in every episode until...)-> couple gets together for good
Basically thats what most dramas are made of, right?
Not that they are all bad.i really love City Hunter and others which have this kind of structure, but I hope to see something else!
Queen In Hyun's Man has the potential to show us something really good and unexpected.
I hope this drama will show us other possibilities!

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Apr 29, 2012

This show really is something...

Episode two does set our two worlds better (Joseon era and modern Seoul) and presents us with a hand-filled surprise - which is pleasant, I didn't see that happening. It was sudden yet so smoothly done. Have I mentioned about the style of the director? No? One word: AmazinglyEXCITING. There you go, one word.

Also we get to see more of Kim Boong Do (Ji Hyun Woo) past and more character revelations. Really well performed, with a few mysteries on our hands.

After this episode I can say this: I absolutely love the chemistry between Yoo In Na and Kim Jin Woo (Han Dong Min). This guy portrays his character so well, and it is such a joy to watch him. Now I am looking forward to the torn and heartbroken side of him that will hopefully come through well.

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Apr 28, 2012

Unable to decide..

The historical story is actually not my cup of tea. But I like the nowadays story.. So I couldn't decide if I should continue watching this. The end of the episode was too interesting so I have to see what happens next. I just hope they soon lose or reduse the historical part of this drama.
But I can say that the second episode is sure better than the first one - more interesting. If it sontinues to become more interesting I might even watch it. :D
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Apr 27, 2012

I think...

I think I'm going to like this drama. Not only does he travel in time, she seems to have done the same at the end of the episode.
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