Queen In Hyun's Man Episode 3

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Hee Jin faints because of the shock and is taken to the hospital missing the drama's press conference and Boong Do is stuck in modern Seoul because he has lost his talisman.
  • Aired: April 25, 2012

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Jun 15, 2013

Good :)

Han Dong Min, you'd better not turn into a jerk because I like you. Miss Jang (or whatever is her name) semms to be a really evil one and she already gets on my nerves? Anyway, this was a really good episode (my favorite so far) and Gim Bung Do looks amazing in his modern clothes I hope he'll wear them often!
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Nov 28, 2012

Good, but...

I'm glad the leads have officially met! Now the real drama can begin! :) I'm really liking the heroine so far. She's kinda airheady, but sassy at the same time. It's gonna take time for me to warm up to the hero because I don't find the actor who portrays him particularly attractive. So no "looks" brownie points to tide him over until his acting skills convince me to stop being a shallow beyotch. lol

One thing that does strike me as odd, however, is how calmly Boong Do reacts to his new surroundings. Wouldn't he suffer from a bit more, no scratch that, MAJOR culture shock having been thrust into an era so unimaginably different from his own? I think so...

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Oct 25, 2012

Should keep going :)

I kinda like this drama up to this point. I like how the story turn out and all the relation between all main actors can be seen.
However, I can't really find something special from this. But still the next episode review seems interesting so I'm going to continue ~ :D
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May 5, 2012

Well delivered character revelations and "One man's confusion is my amusement"

Episode three passed just like that. It was intriguing and whole lot of fun. We finally can see the main characters together for a long time and thus can witness the chemistry and what not between them. But what I can say is: these two make me so giddy! I don't really have nothing to say about the happenings, since this episode was all about seeing Choi Hee Jin and Park Boong Do together and the potential love sparks between them.

I know throughout my episode reviews I have praised Ji Hyun Woo, but I can't help it. He just knows how to reach to me in a way that no other has done, and that is just through his acting. I love how Park Boong Do (Ji Hyun Woo) is presented during his most confused time. And even then he stands high and just plain simply curious. It shows that he is a scholar, from how intelligent and brave he is - he just grasps things easily and doesn't take his confusion out of others. I just absolutely love how they have characterized Boong Do, and how freakin' natural it is!

As for Yoo In Ah, our so cute protagonist - I am a bit dubious about. And I blame that for always seeing her as a secondary character. She does deliver the cute and lovely so well, and in this episode we saw that she actually can bring out the hurt as well. So I am so excited to see more of her... Hopefully the heartbreaking moments the main characters will go through will be well delivered. Because I can see myself potentially tear for this girl.

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May 5, 2012

Trapped in a shower box

That a super tall man dressed in a 300 year old gown, should be locked - with a ribbon, no less - inside a shower box and still look composed and dignified made me laugh and fall for him at the same time.
This character is growing on me as much as he is so blatantly growing on Hee Jin. I anticipate sparks.
I like Hee Jin a lot too: although still confused, she's not left in the dark about the whole time travel and starts to grasp it herself. At last a drama where both the female lead as well as the viewers are watching the truth unraveling in front of their eyes, and not left suspended until the last 5 minutes. All this without taking out the mystery.

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May 5, 2012


I love that they have done a different take on someone who finds himself on another time than they have in Rooftop Prince. It hasn't been overly comedic, but it's still interesting to watch how he observes and learns the ways of modern Seoul, from dressing himself in modern clothes to how to lock a door.

I thought the car scene was cute and even though the guy isn't eyecandy, I liked the little smile he had while she buckled and unbuckled him. He seemed to be enjoying it. He also finds her confusion amusing, even though he's going through the same thing and even more, since he's the one who's being taken out of his element.
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May 4, 2012

Quite fun to watch..

This episode was sure thrilling. I couldn't even make a break, if I had to..
It was fun watching how a person sees this "new" world for the first time.
It seems like at the end of every episode the "world switching" happens. The next episode's preview seemed also very interesting.. can't wait.. :)
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