Queen In Hyun's Man



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Ji Hyun Woo stars in both dramas and both have historical elements.
Recommended by cherubicwindigo
Both these fantasy dramas are about someone from the past travelling through time to the 21st Century, and falling in love.
Recommended by SilverCloud
Clash of two cultures/worlds in both. The female & male lead must overcome their cultural differences (Past/Present in QIHM and poor/rich in ROA), including interesting settings. QIHM the past and in ROA interesting village.
Recommended by JulySnow2
Both Dramas have a fantasy backbone to the story-line and romance
Recommended by blossom405
Both leads have great chemistry and give you butterflies while watching!
Recommended by 151885
This is more like time travel, where a Joseon Dynasty scholar accidentally transports himself to 21st century into a movie set about Joseon Dynasty & falls in love . It can be considered both historical both modern and includes time travel
Recommended by asiandramafan
The two of them about two lifetimes one in the past and one in the present and they are trying to change the history maybe in a different way but for me i think they are really similar and the both of them are good
Recommended by Banada6
In both shows:

1. Yoo In Na plays the female lead.
2. The female lead is an actress who has lost popularity.
3. Female lead is a bit of an airhead, but persistent.
4. The characters learn from each other.
Recommended by 3GGG
Both have the time travel genre, although there are some differences. In Moon Lovers, the girl travels back in time and in Queen In Hyun's Man, the guy is from the past and has the ability to travel to the future.
Both have historical elements (Moon Lovers has a lot more).
The romance is very satisfying in both of them. No tragedy in this one. Maybe some tears...^^
Recommended by Nefertiti