Sprout Episode 8

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Souhei has come to realise that he indeed has feelings for Miku but his loyalty towards his friend Hayato aswell as towards his current girlfriend Miyuki makes him keep them hidden. Miku's parents are gone to a retirement vacation for Miku's dad and so as a result Miku and Souhei are left along in the house. Fearing that the stay will become a awkward one they call friends in regards to having a sleepover. However, The unexpected occured.

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Sep 15, 2012

Only two more episodes remaining.

Out of all the dramas I am watching this season Sprout has turned out to be one of my faves this season. Placing this drama right next to faith and rich man poor woman. This may not have been my favorite episode throughout the drama but it was far from bad.

It seems like it will be leading towards a direction that I would hate to see. Miku has managed to get real feelings for Hayato at last, but now Souhei has come to realise that he also has feelings for Miku. As a loyal friend he keeps them under a sealed tight lock until this truth finally is made to be to difficult for him to bear and he'll have to aknowledge it himself. I didn't see the episode ending coming. Far from it.. I hate to see this drama end. Next week so many great dramas will be ending. I am really not looking forward to next Thursday.

Please make my judgement me wrong this one time.
I need Miku to get together with Hayato..
Baka Miyuki, Why does she always have to do so many foolish things. What a friend..
A Hug might not mean anything inloyal, However the feelings behind it may make it so.

Seems like Miku hasn't got any trace left from her feelings towards Souhei, Please keep it like that.. Onegaaai!!

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Sep 12, 2012

My poor Souhei cried!! ;-;

I loved the episode though I didn't understand how come a hug is a betrayal but I guess those are the concerns of teen puppy love.

Also I loved the last scene and the acting,every sight and every sigh was at the right time

I can't wait for ep9 to be subbed already ;-;
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Sep 12, 2012

What a CliffHanger!!

It ended just like that??!! I was intently watching and then it just ended like that!! Come on!! I need more of this show, I missed it while my laptop was broken. I was drama-deprived for a whole week and they do this to me!!
I love Hayato-Miku. I don't want them to break up. I'm fine with Souhei liking Miku, as long as she stays with Hayato. That way Miyuki will end up alone. (I dislike Miyuki a lot.)
The drama tries to humanize Miyuki in this episode, but she annoyed me so much in the past 7 episodes that she's beyond the point of redemption, plus her confession at the end made her whole talk with Miku seem fake. She's pretty (I guess) but if she was bullied so much in Middle School how did she have 2 other boyfriends before Souhei... unless she is thinking about puppy loves from elementary school... which is just pathetic :P
I also hate how Hayato is getting the blame for Miyuki hugging HIM. He didn't hug her, she hugged him. Why does poor Hayato have to get the crap though?
Anyways I'm fully invested in Hayato-Miku now, if they don't end up together... then... I don't know what I'll do. I'll make up an alternate ending where they end up together and erase the other ending from my mind :P

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Sep 2, 2012


I like Miku and Hayato...though oviously this is going to happen, I think ....if Miku and Souhei truly loves Hayato and Miyuki they wouldn't care...I mean even Hayato knowing that...he still picked Miku, so let's hope they don't break up. I love Miku and Hayato together!!
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Sep 2, 2012


I like the relation between Miku and Hayato but at least I prefer Miku and Souhei, and I'm glad of the Miyuki's confessions in this episode. I can't wait for the next ep. !!
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