Sprout Episode 7

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Miku finally goes on her first date with Hayato after the exams. The relationship between them progress, while Souhei slowly starts to realize his feelings for Miku.

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Oct 10, 2012

My Favorite Episode thus far!

I really really loved this episode. Hayato and Miku are awesome as a pair. I really wish that the 2nd lead gets the girls this time...I really don't want it to be one of those typical stories where the 2nd guy doesn't get the girl..once in a while...please let the 2nd guy have the girl...guy as nice as Hayato deserves a little bit of happiness.
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Sep 2, 2012

I'm starting to love this series

This episode was really nice, I liked how the relations changed between the couples. Also it might be just me, but I started to sympathize with Miyuki. She is in the same situation as Miku (having an unrequited love, then finding a guy good enough to move on). But now poor Miyuki must face that not only her ex-interest has found a girl, but her boyfriend also fell in love with that same girl. Trust me, noone would like to be in that situation. I'm looking forward to how she's gonna cope with that. Also I'm still wondering about who Miku should choose. I like both guys.
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Aug 27, 2012


FINALLY Hayato and Miku cute moments ahhh finally Souhei kind of irratated me how she only cared about him but now yay! Please oh please do not go back to Souhei and I hope what Miku's friends saw would be their secret because it might break Miku's relationship, I hope they end up together. If they don't gahh unsatisfied!
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Aug 26, 2012


I'm so so pleased that Miku has finally got over this silly obsession with Souhei that seemed so irrational! On top of this irrational behaviour she was hurting the wonderful Hayato!
I haven't come across a character like Hayato before, adorable, gentle, cute, shy yet has that edge of being a player. He's WONDERFUL!
I have been watching this drama praying that Miku will get over Souhei and go for Hayato, this happens so very rarely in the dramas I've watched. The women seem to doggedly follow the first guy they "fall in love with" until the guy returns their feelings, hurting even more wonderful guys in the process!
The only other drama where I have seen this happen before is in Boys Over Flowers when Geum Jan-Di finally falls for Goo Joon-Pyo!
I punched the air when she gets feelings for Hayato and shouted at Souhei "That's right! Watch them kiss and let your blood boil!!" *evil laughter*
aaaaaaaah, I'm so happy. I hope she continues to stick by Hayato

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Aug 26, 2012

This episode is the definition of Happiness!!

Best Sprout episode this far, it really did please my 2nd lead syndrome quite a bit that they decided to bring about this twist to the episode. What I am fairly not liking though is the way Souhei tries to constantly please his girlfriend while holding on to Miyuki so tightly.

Miku and Hayato has found their happiness together, Now his feelings suddenly start to waver over her?.. Miku has somehow managed to get Souhei out of her heart and most of the feelings she had were all transmitted to Hayato, The date was the cutest one ever.. I felt myself smiling throughout the entire episode due to Mikuto's happy relationship at that point.. Nothing could possibly beat this episode..

Can't wait for the next episode.. Please be released..
And judging from the preview, I was right.. Miyuki liked Hayato to begin with... Poor Guy :P

I get teareyed thinking there is but three episodes remaining.. Almost two as the next episode airs soon.. Why couldn't this have been 200 episodes long?...

Team Hayato!!

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Aug 25, 2012

The Best Feeling so far!

This definitely is the best episode so far. The feelings expressed through the act is much better in this and I loved it personally.. And YES, I definitely support HAYATO X MIKU, even though I have a feeling that it won't be so..T.T
Please continue to be like this and be my favorite of all time..
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Aug 21, 2012

Hayato >>> The Ideal Boyfriend from Shoujo Manga!!! ^^ <3

Hayato's character is the type that will make you want to fall in love!!! Gosh he is so mesmerizing!!! He is like cherry or strawberry on a chocolate cake *drool*!!! yea I'm fangirling over that character! ^^
Miku x Hayato!! :)
Haruka-sempai (if I got her name right) seems to be planning something evil!
Miyuki is cute, but she has an unstable character...I think something must have happened in the past that caused her to be like that!
& yea...episode 8 COME FAST plz!!! :DD
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Aug 21, 2012


i like hayato n miku XD so sweet~~ i hope they will be together till the end.. and obviously i dont like miyuki.. especially after watching their preview for next ep.. i hate you, miyuki.. dont u dare ruin hayato n miku relationship.. i ship them only.. hayatoXmiku
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Aug 21, 2012


This is an awesome episode!! Hayato and Miku are finally together!!! There's only 3 episodes left, please tell me nothing major can happen in 3 episodes and they stay together!! PLEASE LET THEM STAY TOGHETER!! They are too cute together!!
Souhei figures out that he likes Miku also... well its kinda too late for that man. She strongly hinted to you that she liked you before, but you always ran back to your girlfriend, that you only liked probably out of pity anyways. You had your chance, get over Miku and move on with Miyuki or better yet drop Miyuki. Thinking about it now, he probably started hanging out with Miyuki in the first place out of pity, and then when he was depressed, that when she caught him in her trap and took his soul.. LOL JK, but when someone is depressed, they tend to like the first person who helps them out and makes them smile.
I love how in Japan, actually in Asia in general, every little thing is a big step. Saying each other's first names, holding hands, first kiss. Its so sweet!!

The PPREVIEW!! WHAT NO!! Don't you dare Miyuki, don't you dare ruin Hayato's and Miku's relationship. I will hate you forever if you do that.

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Aug 20, 2012

getting good

yayy so much progress has started in this episode! :D the other episodes were good, but weren't going anywhere really but this one..ohh this one makes me excited! can't wait for ep 8 ((:
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