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Two Weeks Episode 13

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  • Aired: September 18, 2013

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Sep 19, 2013


Moon Il Seok will never stop now does he? Not only IN Hye is in danger but Soo Jin is in danger too. I mean why didn’t detective Im send a police officer to the hospital? He should’ve protected Soo Jin with his power. Tae San will be devastated if he finds out about Soo Jin, the little girl shouldn’t go out randomly with all of her immunity being taken away from her. Reaching the surgery safely has become a tough challenge only for Tae San but also Soo Jin and In Hye.
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Sep 19, 2013


One OF THE MOST Episode INtense so far....Especially the last part!!

Soo jin is so cute !!!!!
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Sep 19, 2013


So it wasn't a double after all. That scene was kind of clever, I think. They way they made me think he might have a twin. So Jo Soo Hee pulled strings yet again. Prosecutor Chief is in on it huh?

That faceoff with Park Jae Gyeong and Jo So Hee in front of her house...that woman is something. I wanna punch her so badly right now. "You can't ever catch me." Too overconfident eh.

OMG! Kim could be that old man, who's helping Tae San, his son. OMG! What if he decided to help his son in the end? What will happen to Tae San?!

YOU JUST DID NOT TAKE THAT GIRL WITH YOU?! I WANT HIM KILLED RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT!!! (I always knew he was gonna use her in threatening Tae San in some way or form...but I can't believe this guy! UGH!) Hope someone comes and saves her before they leave with her. Please!

These last episodes are gonna be the death of me, it seems.

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