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Bel Ami


  • Drama: Bel Ami
  • Country: South Korea
  • Episodes: 16
  • Aired On: Wednesday, Thursday
  • Network: KBS2
  • Duration: 60 min.
  • Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama, Family, Manga
  • Rating: Not Yet Rated


  • Score: 6.7 (scored by 6,243 users)
  • Ranked: #2392
  • Popularity: #131
  • Members: 12,670

Bel Ami Episode 1

7.6/10 from 71 users
Nov 20, 2013
Bo Tong finds herself completely infatuated with her mother's friend's son who meanwhile only dates rich women from Gangnam.

Bel Ami Episode 2

8.1/10 from 48 users
Nov 21, 2013
The mysterious Hong Yu Ra gives Ma Te new goals in order to meet his father. Ma Te hires Bo Tong to help him out.

Bel Ami Episode 3

8.2/10 from 33 users
Nov 27, 2013
Bo Tong meets the male equivalent of herself. Ma Te receives a marriage proposal from Jaek Hee.

Bel Ami Episode 4

8.1/10 from 33 users
Nov 28, 2013
Bo Tong and David begin to get a lot closer. Ma Te's new assignment is to learn how to control people's hearts with the help of the Electric Fairy.

Bel Ami Episode 5

8.3/10 from 29 users
Dec 04, 2013
Ma Te receives special lessons on reading people from the Electric Fairy. Bo Tong moves in with David.

Bel Ami Episode 6

7.8/10 from 23 users
Dec 05, 2013
Ma Te's next hurdle is to harness the power of networking through Kim In Joong. David and Bo Tong try to find a factory to support their sock business.

Bel Ami Episode 7

7.8/10 from 18 users
Dec 11, 2013
Ma Te gets caught in Kim In Joong's web when he requests a huge favor from her.

Bel Ami Episode 8

8.2/10 from 22 users
Dec 12, 2013
Ma Te must create a scandal with his fourth woman, Myo Mi, world renowned star and the master of timing.

Bel Ami Episode 9

8.6/10 from 22 users
Dec 18, 2013
Ma Te finds himself getting increasingly jealous over Bo Tong and David's relationship.

Bel Ami Episode 10

8.3/10 from 23 users
Dec 19, 2013
Bo Tong is torn between her loyalty to David and her love for Ma Te. Ma Te is pursued by woman number five, Gwi Ji, the woman with clout.

Bel Ami Episode 11

8.1/10 from 19 users
Dec 25, 2013
Ma Te finally gets to meet his father, but things don't go as planned. Bo Tong provokes and angers the spiteful Gwi Ji.

Bel Ami Episode 12

8.2/10 from 20 users
Dec 26, 2013
Bo Tong struggles over her newfound love triangle. Ma Te must woo the heart of his sixth target, Lee Kim, a woman with power.

Bel Ami Episode 13

8.7/10 from 19 users
Jan 01, 2014
The watch belonged to Ma Te's mother and was given to Bo Tong proves to hold a huge secret about Ma Te's birth.

Bel Ami Episode 14

8.7/10 from 25 users
Jan 02, 2014
Ma Te struggles with his newfound birth secret. Meanwhile, Yu Ra tried to recruit David to work for MG Group.

Bel Ami Episode 15

8.4/10 from 17 users
Jan 08, 2014
Ma Te finally realizes his feelings for Bo Tong, but when Na Hong Ran finds out she plans on using it against him.

Bel Ami Episode 16

8.1/10 from 20 users
Jan 09, 2014
Ma Te must settle legal issues that Na Hong Ran frames him for. Bo Tong struggles with Ma Te sudden change in behavior.