Both dramas have strong and tomboyish female main characters who lived under strong confucianism tradition that limits their freedom. Both of their characters are very ahead of their time. The difference is that the FL in Mr. Queen is actually a modern male soul trapped in FL's body
Recommended by Kdrama_
Both have strong lead. The female lead has no dependency on her counterpart.
It is a period piece. And the darkest secret is yet to reveal...
Recommended by Tina Chakraborty
Both dramas tackles issue about yeolnyeo/virtuous lady during joseon era. Both female leads lost their husbands at their marriage day and expectation of both ladies to be loyal to their deceased husband
Recommended by Kdrama_
- Plot is different but gives the same vibes
- Double Life ML/FL
- Daytime they lead a normal life but at night they save people who needs help
Recommended by Selby Thomas
- Plot is different but gives the same vibes
- Double Life ML/FL
- Both dramas are in Joseon Era
- Daytime they lead a normal life but at night they save people who needs help
- only difference is that Iljimae is like Robin Hood were he steals from corrupt people
Recommended by Selby Thomas
Another noona romance where Noona needs no saving. Black humor abounds as well. Mystery plot in both.
Recommended by renangel
Also know as The Memorial Gate for Virtuous Women (???) is a 1962 South Korean film directed by Shin Sang-ok that gives a close up look at the reality of being a widow in Joseon.

The film tells the story of the widow of a nobleman who bears a son after having an affair with her servant. The servant and the baby are driven from the home by the woman's irate in-laws.
Recommended by EtoileNoire
Similarities: comedy, past connections, good chemistry, a good story, great supporting characters

If you are particularly looking for a stress free historical kdrama with a satisfying ending, do watch The Tale of Nokdu
Recommended by SnowV
Yeohwa at day : Kang Mina
Yeohwa at night : Jo Yeonju

Yeohwa and Yeonju may have different morality and motive at first, but both of them bravely fight against injustice. Lee Honey rocks these roles
Recommended by Kdrama_
Sim Jung Woo is an intelligent and handsome young man. He was the youngest to place first in the state examination, but he was picked to become the princess' husband. During their wedding ceremony, the princess suddenly died. Sim Jung Woo's life changed and he became the most unfortunate man. According to the Joseon period custom, he is not able to take the government post and he can't remarry. He then becomes involved with Jung Soon Deok.
Recommended by Farhana Akhter
Yes one, Knight Flower, is a comedy and the other, Mr Sunshine, is a tragedy
But I feel like the two female leads are really alike, both are strong with a soft heart that can’t stay still against injustice
And both have a quirky naive adorable personality to balance their strengths well
Recommended by XingBack
A corrupt and cruel senior minister rises to power following the death of a Joseon king. The minister uses his lawless co-conspirators to prop up his power and abuse the king's subjects. One of the subjects - a victim of injustice - uses the law to punish the criminals and eventually help those in need. The female leads run a business that is as altruistic as it is profitable.

The two dramas complement each other in that Joseon Attorney portrays certain aspects of life in the Joseon dynasty not shown in Knight Flower.

Knight Flower stands above Joseon Attorney thanks to Lee Ha Nee, better developed chara cters, and an excellent script. Joseon Attorney is a bit more average for a saeguk although the actors are almost all excellent (except the FL and the ML's sidekick). It is also a feast for the eyes.
Recommended by EtoileNoire
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