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Similar feeling. Two neighours, one likes to be alone the other doesnt. both of the shows are noona romance. worth watching both of them
Recommended by rdturbo
In both female leads are extremely passionate about food and eating! The imagery and visuals on foods shown in both has a lot of attention to detail and emphasis on the deliciousness of the meal. Make sure you have a snack with you while watching. Differences are Let's Eat is mainly present day setting. While in Weirdo Nara, she conducts experiments which have her go back in time and have historical version of the meal she obtains from her local convenience store. Weirdo Nara eps are very short at just over 6 minutes each.
Recommended by HappySqueak
Eat Drink Man Woman is an older Taiwanese movie and Let's Eat is a Korean Drama, but they both have romance and Food.
Recommended by kdramasinpajamas
the first season of this serie they must have the same basics + the same main male lead
you should take a look at this earlier version
Recommended by Geum Sun
Both have a violent crime mystery going on in the back ground of a romcom type drama that causes you to suspect everyone until the final reveal,
Recommended by kdramasinpajamas
Both very funny! Include a relationship between an older woman and a younger man. Also, both are very cute!
Recommended by urwonandonly
Both dramas have main leads crazy about food and how they enjoy food !
Recommended by humichan
Both dramas portray a nice mix of romance, and the deep love for food.
Recommended by DBSK
Both series are food centric rom-coms with a similar feel. Whilst Lets Eat is more about the delicious food porn Oh My Ghost is set in a restaurant so there is always food around.

Each series features an unknown food blogger element.

Both of these series also include mystery and darker storylines alongside a cute romance.
Recommended by Sian
I am not really sure why, honestly. They are two different dynamics but both equal to me. I think you all might think the same. :-)
Recommended by Empress Eun
They are similar in the sense that they are both romantic comedies with a creepy twist but I have to say "Let's Eat" does it so much better! Another similarity between the two is the idol actors while in dating agency there's soo young in "let's eat" there is yoon doo joon and let me just say is acting completely blew. me. away. I didn't even know he was an idol! (I dont keep up with kpop) Every character was loveable and the love line was much nicer in my opinion because it's not a stereotypical love triangle :)
There is only one issue with this drama which you may realize simply with reading the title. They eat allll the time it WILL make you hungry so eat before hand!
Recommended by confused_student
Both series show the relationship between neighbors and female lead doesn't trust people easily. Let's eat has bonus food eating scenes.
Recommended by Aeris
It has a similar mix of genre types. Both have Comedy, Romance, and Mystery. Also both have a suspicious lead character. Let's Eat's has a more comedic vibe/I Wanna Hear Your Song has a more melo feel.
Recommended by kdramasinpajamas
Both don't have chaebols, both have mukbang and most importantly characters you can relate to.
Recommended by renebean
Cooking and food that makes you hungry with light romance on the side
Recommended by 3ngin33r