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Boss and Me is somewhat of a similar drama like Love O2O. Both the main leads are easy on the eye and although there are many frustrations in the beginning, things get better and cuter as it goes on. Its not like all those dramas with all those dramatic stuff, but it is still a drama so it needs to be dramatic. I'm not saying that it's very dramatic, just a little. You will still be able to enjoy the drama without much conflict in it. Boss and me was the very first drama that I love to re-watch over and over again, so I hope you enjoy!
Recommended by Helen
both are based on novels from the same author Gu Man. One is more focused on the career and the other is more focused on their love and past.
Recommended by loveanimeever
Both leads own the company where the female leads are employed. Boss vs Employee romance. And the romance (i.e. the leads caring for each other) is off the charts.
Recommended by SSKF
In LC, main story is about the male lead (boss) and lead girl (employee) falling in love, helped by a spirit (girl's ex-boyfriend).
Halfway through LC, once main lead accepts being in love, he is steadfast and works out problems with girl (except the last 5-6 chapters). Boss & Me is sweeter, fluffier, and funnier.
Recommended by garabatos
Rich guy, poor girl. Guy relentlessly pursues the girl and lets no one at all bully her - no matter who they are. He's totally in love and acts like it. Guy owns a business too and girl works for him. Lovely friendships in both dramas.
Recommended by SSKF
You will love Boss and Me...... both main actor and actress are so cute together........................ love the love between the two of them.
Recommended by Sey KompungCham
Cold guy, who has problems feeling and expressing anything at all, melts for a flamboyant, lively, slightly silly girl. She literally warms his heart but he remains cold to everyone else. the supporting characters are great too and the guy's family likes the girl 100%.
Recommended by SSKF
Both are sweet and steady paced dramas. Also, the male lead loves the female lead and doesn't waver through both series. Only difference is that in Boss&Me they get together in the beginning of the series and TWWNIL it takes them longer.
Recommended by Hasumi17
Boss & Me got me started on my love for Mainland dramas which lead to finding Xianxa through Zao Zanilia's Journey of Flower through to Eternal Love.

Both dramas feature male leads who are powerful and cold to start of with but when they fell for the female lead they never deviated. Ye Hua and Feng Teng were the definition of 'Laser-focused'... there wasn't even a hint of a chance for the female love rivals (not that I felt at all sorry for either)

They both acknowledge the romance and couple up very early on, none of this dragging out will they-won't-they business and work through their problems with varying degrees of maturity and success. Both happy endings too. You will fall for both dramas OTPs like a ten-ton brick.

Fabulous chemistry and solid acting. Yang Mi and Zhao Zanilia are both adorable and beautiful and most importantly THEY CAN ACT. Mark Chao is also specially amazing.

Those put off by CGI don't be, its inconsequential and the plot and characters will be what you care about. I've got to say though EL had better cast of characters (It seems like there are hundreds but I loved all of them) than Boss & Me. I watched both dramas twice each now and will probably watch EL again in the near future.
Recommended by reinie
I know both dramas' themes are not the same, but somehow the middle part of The Perfect Match really reminds me of Boss & Me. It also contains rich guy with poor girl as the background story... So if you like Boss & Me maybe you could try The Perfect Match. Also the actors are funny & cute too and also very good looking.
Recommended by hollywillow
Both dramas about a big boss and his emploee.
The boss is also rich and hides his emotions.
Recommended by polly911
Both heroines Xiang Qin (ISWAK) and Shan-Shan (Boss and Me) have almost the same personalities. Naive, innocent, clueless and tend to over analyze/think a certain situation but then jump to the wrong conclusion. Zhi SHu (ISWAK) and Feng Teng (Boss and Me) have also similar personalities. Both have cold and "poker face" demeanor, levelheaded but at the same time they are the "bread" to their respective partners, who are the "butter", because as the bread gives stability to the butter they, Zhi Shu and Feng Teng, give stability to their relationship with Xiang QIn and Shan-Shan respectively. I love both dramas!
Recommended by BeiAnn
The drama tells of how Li Yan Shu the “fox”, and Gu Cheng Ze the “rabbit” fell in love with each other. Gives the same feeling of naughtiness and simplicity , when someone is in love and both are silly.
Recommended by Zenuparv
Both of them are boss and employee relationship.
Just you is more of a comedy as boss & me is more serious. ;-)
Recommended by Anna-M-W
The leading actors are together in both,drama and the movie.Lovely!
Recommended by Sugardrama