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Naeil's Cantabile is the adaption of the Japanese drama(along with manga, movies and anime).

I'll always love Nodame Cantabile! One of my first dramas of all time. But in Naeil's Cantabile, there were scenes that were added that I really enjoyed.

Both are super funny, heartfelt, and musically enjoyable. The music in both are fantastic to listen to for classical music lovers everywhere.
Recommended by hiphop123
The relationship between the main leads is similar. The girl is kind of obsessed with the guy and he starts to develop feelings for her.
Recommended by tatka
Both are kdramas about personal growth with friends through music. One is kpop though, and Cantabile is about classical music. Both have an adorable ragtag group of music students.
Recommended by cassey
Love for extracurricular activities, friends, quircky character and college life.
Recommended by anastassia
Both involve piano's and music school. The K-Version of Nodame Cantabile.
Recommended by oppalover87
Both are Korean Musical romance dramas based on famous manga..............................................................................
Recommended by Aoi_Takahashi_12
I would say both heroines have something in common, although in Alice in Woncer City she has her violin and Nae Il has a piano, if you likes tomorrow's cantabile and you wanted more kiss scenes you should watch Alice in Wonder City
Recommended by mikachan
both depict the life of two young and talented conductor; the hardships they face, the loneliness of the path they choose and the awesome mentors and friends they meet. Both drama drowns you into the depth of the classical music, the serenity the instruments provide and the beauty of music.
Recommended by ParkChohwa
Seol Nae Il and Lee Sun Jae are genius gemstones with a bright future as pianists. Both pour their hearts in the piano without restrictions. They let their hearts play and they face the conformity and the coldness of the world.
Recommended by ParkChohwa