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The atmosphere in both Tokyo DOGS and Bitter Blood involves comedy, as well a reoccurring villain for most of the episodes. Both also explore the relationship between the two main characters who make up a hilarious duo, as well as between them and the supporting characters (their team). Both also focus on the characters' roles as detectives. If you love one, you'll surely love the other!
Recommended by Hinami
Buddy cop dramas with a veteran and a rookie. Similar characteristics like the older one is childish and the younger tries to be serious. Lots of bickering.
Recommended by tropka
One of four seasons, this is a Korean medical drama that I would definitely recommend if you like the crim aspect of Bitter Blood! While God's Quiz is focused on strange diseases to solve crime, it is also largely centred around a dark past for one of the main characters. While it has less comedy than Bitter Blood it is still a great watch!
Recommended by mollymay5000
So far it is similar because they both involve the police department and they have a funny duo who work together in a sort of forced way.
Recommended by anoni-yui
Both have funny characters with serious cases, also both dramas partners are great combo (even if in Bitter Blood they say that they hate each other while in doS they like each other openly) also Bitter Blood is more realistic while in doS have some unrealistic, "Manga/Anime" style moments (although it's only few moments)
Recommended by Reto
- Not so serious detective drama
- Light cases
- Weak team
- Charming lead actors (Watabe Atsuro, Sato Takeru, Tamaki Hiroshi)
Recommended by blueribbon
Funny and Watabe Atsuro is also in it. Both actors/actress do crazy things. Disobedience is a must in these dramas
Recommended by nana858
The perfect combination of crime/detective drama and comedy. Both series show funny characters that prefer to do their job their own unique way.
Recommended by claudya87
similar in the sense that it is a crime/detective/thriller show. people are solving cases and it's pretty episodic. also, they are both pretty good and enjoyabled. 8+
Recommended by LalaCherries
Ouroboros is much darker and has deeper plot lines than Bitter Blood, but they have the same feel. They are both about crimes with underlying relationship plots.
Recommended by Chibiface22
Similar comedy, generational gap buddy cop show. And both shows have their respective pairs grow closer to each other and appreciate each other.
Recommended by lastobjective