Both stories focus on friendship and misunderstandings that put that friendship in jeopardy. One of the friends becomes distant and aloof and behaves poorly while the other tries to keep their friendship alive. School bullying is a heavy theme in both films, as well. Weak Hero Class 1 barely has any romance in it while Night Flight is an LGBTQ film.
Recommended by Geegee16
these are both very dark films and include complicated love stories, the realism is similar and nothing in these movies is glamorised
Recommended by gabija
Its both about dark and raw and both about realizing after a difficult road who you are and who your true love is.
Recommended by Bella
Night Flight depicts bullying in high school and the simmering anger that can explode at any moment when the person being bullied has had enough. It shows the loneliness that exists when all you know is sadness and how someone from your past can be the one person that gives you love and hope for happiness in the present.
Recommended by A_Okay
Both will break your heart but you can't stop watching.
Night Flight is just as brutal as Effect but it's a bit more nuanced where Effect is more guilty pleasure.
Recommended by Draken Sano Shipper
Both movies have a lgbt theme. No Regrets with gay prostitution, while Night Flight deals with bullying. They're both beautiful movies.
Recommended by Jesa
Both are Korean language BLs where one of the male leads is questionable in terms of his true feelings for the other male lead. There are mind games and turbulent lovers with both films.
Recommended by Geegee16
Both stories will give you life and destroy you. Both are about obsessive love that's beyond the boundaries of right and wrong
Recommended by Draken Sano Shipper
It deals with the same aspects of Love that is looked down upon. And how everyone no matter what they say , we all need someone in our lives to fill that loneliness. Its time for these two friends to re-discover there bonds. and along there way Discover who they are.
Recommended by sound
Even though they are two different movies yet they do have some similarities such as: fighting against the same enemy, two main characters ...
Recommended by NWJS
-The characters go through so much and you just want them to be happy.
-both are realistic
-they hit you in the feels
-both are rather slow
-the characters go through "similar" situations
The settings are very different from eachother and Night Flight is more brutal but if you enjoyed one you might also enjoy the other
Recommended by Sleepy Strawberry
Personally, I liked Night Flight better than One Night Only. Night Flight is about three friends who go their seperate ways one they enter high school. One of the boys is homosexual and has a crush on one of the other two friends. I enjoyed watching it, because it's not an easy-love story. It's not very fairytale like which makes it more of a realistic, this-could-actually-happen-in-real-life, story. I don't think you will regret watching it. Enjoy :)
Recommended by TheLittleChampion
Both films show a LGBTQ+ relationship where one man might harbour feelings but is cold towards another who is deeply in love with him.
Recommended by Geegee16
BL korean language stories where one of the ML's incessantly pursues the other, who is cold and dismissive of his feelings.
Recommended by Geegee16
To me they had a similar feel and atmosphere. The two movies are very different in terms of subject matter and story in general (also how to win at checkers doesnt include straight up homophobic characters). They crush you, both are dramatic bur have some nice moments sprinkled in between.
Recommended by Sleepy Strawberry
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