by ParkChohwa, April 8, 2015

Actors Over 40 Who Never Cease to Amaze

Part 4

Lee Bum Soo


Now this genius really gave me a hard time before I came to love him. I always thought him talented, but I never paid special attention to him or even checked him out. Recently, I started Triangle and there, whoop-de-doo, I fell in love.

I first watched this busy actor in More than Blue – the darned heart-wrenching film, and I didn't even notice him. I was too busy cursing at the idiotic couple played by Kwon Sang Woo and Lee Bo Young there was no time for me to notice anything else. I vividly remember his scream when he found her in the toilet in the official MV of the film though, and my heart failed me.

I watched him being chased by Yoo Ri (Kim Sun A) in the hilarious Wet Dreams and he shocked the hell out of me in Death BellI know many people hate the film, but still I was never impressed.

The first time I was awestruck was in one of my personal favorites; The Divine Move. How he acted the hateful Sal Soo! That blood thirst in his eyes, the cruel smirk, the horrid tone! Wow! He made quite an impression on me! And he was 44!

In the same year he starred in Triangle, and I’m still watching the series. The story is intriguing, yes. The acting is superb, yes. But the reason I’m sticking to it is neither. It’s not Jae Joong – the reason I added the drama to my list, or Siwan, the Jang Geu Rae who changed my life. But the hot tempered, devoted, passionate and wild Jang Dong Soo. After the first episode only, I surrendered.

I bet you can tell I’ll be stalking him one day and I’m sure I’ll be the more surprised.

Kam Woo Sung


I know many people started The Spring Days of My Life because of The King and The Clown, but I might be one of the rare people who did the opposite.

When The Spring Days of My Life premiered, there was no reason for me to watch it. I hated melodramas, I would avoid any drama with someone diagnosed with a chronic disease. I did not know the 44-year old lead actor and I hated Soo Young. Not because she was Soo Young, but because I simply hated SNSD –without any reasons anyway. So I thought I would simply skip that one, but my drama eonnis kept talking about the first few episodes, so I couldn't restrain my curiosity; and what a pleasant surprise. Not only that I loved the drama and Soo Young, I even watched few of SNSD MVs! I fell hardly for the charismatic and honest Kang Dong Ha. So I went to check him out and I found that HE was the main lead of The King and The Clown which had been on my list forever.

I started the film with high expectations because of the drama, but what I saw completely exceeded my expectations. His performance was just majestic. His husky voice, confident attitude, unconditional love and devotion to his friend and courage totally won over my heart. I cried rivers; I bet everyone who watched the film did too, and I bowed in respect to Kam Woo Sang for his unearthly acting.

Excited to watch more by him and encouraged by the cast, I started Alone in Love. I dropped it at 7 because I couldn’t stand his role. I need to delete that role of my memory to be able to get back my first impression of him.

I wonder if he’ll favor us with any work soon; keeping my fingers crossed.

Kim Soo Ro


I love Kim Soo Ro, I simply do. I don’t know why or when it started, but whether I see him acting or appearing in variety shows; I summon my senses and faculties and watch him with all my might. Anyone can relate?!

His only post-40 work for me is A Gentleman’s Dignity; the award sweeping drama. Though I loved absolutely everyone and everything about the drama and though everyone shone there. Kim Soo Ro never faded in the background for a second. His distinctive sense of humour, his voice, his hot-temper and even his tough treatment to his younger sister sometimes blew my mind away. His quarrel scenes were the best. And that moment when he carried Hong Se Ra (Yoon Se Ah) across the mud made me for once in a long time wish I had a boyfriend. In one of the rare dramas I watched twice; 42-year old Kim Soo Ro playing Im Tae San was a complete heart-throbbing success.

Now let’s go back to his older works. In Libera Me, his role was small and he didn't have many lines, but that long hair he had did not let the fireman Mang Chi totally fade away.

Volcano High; well I don’t consider this a film and if I start talking about it, I’ll ruin my and your day so let’s skip this one.

In S Diary he played Kim Sun A’s college boyfriend who’s a total loser and who sucks in bed. He was so hilarious as Jeong Seok and watching him getting ridiculed by Sun A was the best thing ever. He had his long hair still.

I felt bad for him in Five Senses of Eros. First, because of what was done to him in the story –poor dear- and the second because of the five stories; his was the silliest.

I suspected him to be the killer in Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp , well my experience with the first imposed it on me, but he was no better than the killer anyway. He can act cruel when he wants!

He’s been absent for two years; active in variety shows though. In Real Men, he was the most precious one and that surprised and overwhelmed expression he frequently had was so adorable oh my god! His moments with Henry were the best.

When he comes back, we’ll welcome him with open arms won’t we?!

Joo Jin Mo



I haven’t watched any dramas by this brilliant actor and I cannot scream and fangirl oh-my-god-kill-me-for-his-smile. No, I simply enjoy watching him. He’s talented, charismatic, and he never ceases to amaze.

I only watched few of his films. In Wanee and Junah, he acted the conflicted man in love. The film was so-so for me. Not my cup of tea I guess, and I was not impressed by anything or anyone.

In 200 Pounds Beauty, he did a great job. His portrayal of the spontaneous and successful Sang Jun with that bright smile was so cute. The pain in his eyes were so real, that it made me cry when he did.

In Friend 2, he had a guest appearance and he was hot in his 80s attire.

Now for the two works which left a deep impression on me; A Frozen Flower and A Better Tomorrow.

How can someone act a homosexual king struggling between his love for his guard and his desperate and genuine attempt to protect his kingdom this awesomely?! No wonder some people questioned his sexuality afterwards! The love scenes and the way he looked at Jo In Sung were so real, so convincing and so touching. His burning desire for his lover and the aching shout for help tore my heart into pieces, I swear. The shock on his face when he watched his lover betraying him and the pain of epiphany inscribed all over his face were just, true.

All the pain he showed in A Frozen Flower and more were presented in his portrayal of the guilty Kim Hyuk trying to reconcile with his brother in A Better Tomorrow. The title is so ironic and I hate it. The film was just a bundle of pain. I hated the whole existence watching it, but I admired the acting. Joo Jim Mo broke my heart; again.

I can hear you telling me to go watch Empress Ki. I will I promise!

Kwon Hae Hyo



Now here comes my favorite supporting actor. He’s got those kind eyes and that adorable sense of humor, he never bores or fades. He rarely acts evil roles and I can’t but love him. I don’t go around watching dramas just because he’s there but whenever I see him in a drama I’d be like; YES! Ahjussi! –though it might sound funny since I call Choi Min Soo who’s 3 years older, oppa! Anyhow!

Since I apparently watched more post-40 works by him I’ll mention his younger days first.

I first watched him in Winter Sonata since the drama was one of my first 5 and he was the only fun there. If it wasn’t for him the drama would have been too dry despite all the tears I and the cast shed. He was so young there but since he’s a vampire, he doesn’t really look different now. The man never ages!

In My Name is Kim Sam Soon, acting Lee Hyun Moo and chasing Sam Soon’s sister, Kim Yi Young (Lee Ah Hyun) around was just so hilarious. Making me want to watch the drama again!

Then he became 40!

In Golden Bride and at 42 he played Cha Byuk Soo, a bachelor falling in the trap with a desperate old maid. And how I laughed watching them!

At 42 in Cain and Abel, he was the one having an unrequited love and trying to win the heart of his fellow doctor. And again, that couple was the only breath in the brilliant melo.

In Lie to Me and 45, he played Hwang Suk Bong. He got dumped again poor dear. His friendship with Hyun Sang Hee (Sung Joon) was the best thing about the drama for me. How I loved them!

A year afterward, he portrayed the clumsy and aimless Joo Jung Wan in Dream High 2. He had his moments of awesomeness in the middle of his depressed state. I understood and sympathised with the pitiful character.

And in the same year, in Ghost,

-I’ll be coming back after I cry a bit-

Honest and diligent, eager to catch the criminals, cyber investigator Han Young Suk falls into a trap! Oh drama writers, why art thou so cruel?! He was the most admirable character in the drama and I cried myself sick because of him.

In The King of Dramas, he played the honest and inflexible Drama Director Nam Woon Hyung. He kept preaching my concept of a good drama and I cheered him up all throughout. If such directors actually exist in the drama world, some nonsensical dramas won’t find their way out.

In 2014 and at 49, he acted in three dramas; the honest and supporting Goo Duk Kyu in Big Man. That scene when Kang Ji Hwan begged for his life even though he betrayed him ripped my heart to pieces. The understanding and loving father Lee Hyeok Soo in The Spring Days of My Life and … sighs

And the revolutionary Seo Gyun in Secret Door. His last scene with King Yeong Jo sent the shivers down my spine and left me crying for a while. Watching that scene, I really hated King Yeong Jo with all my heart.

So this actor, who can make me cry and laugh; who actually plays me up, is a genius in my opinion. Being genius doesn't mean landing lead roles. We know so many lead actors who cannot act, at all. He never lets us down. What do you think??

Stay tuned to the fifth part of the actor version, and anticipate the actress version ^^