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Stalkers Guide to Park Hyung Shik


  I first saw Park Hyungsik in the kdrama Heirs as the cute "winker/smiley" friend. I thought he was adorable^^


                           He was born November 16, 1991 and is a member of the kpop band ZE:A




                           Sirius (2013)

He plays the younger teenage version of the twin boys, Eun Chang & Shin Woo. The older twin was raised by the mother, while the younger one was raised in an orphanage until the age of 7 or 8. It's about a twin who at all costs tries to protect his brother - though misunderstandings are between the siblings, the love of one washes the hate away of the other. The older twin, Eun Chang, poses as his younger twin, Shin Woo, in order to save him. We deal with the detectives, and the drug lords. Anyways, I decided to watch this drama by chance when I was browsing Youtube and saw his face on a drama special clip on the side, so I clicked on it, and started watching it, and I'm so glad I did, I enjoyed this drama special immensely! It's my kind of drama (crime/action/detective) I've seen it 3x's now and would still watch it over and over again! His acting was that of an actor who has been in films for a long time. I loved both the young and older versions of the twins - both actors stole the show! I personally highly recommend this drama special [4 episodes long]. The older version of the twins is played by Seo Jun Yeong.



       Nine: Nine Times Time Travel (2013)

He again plays the younger version of our male lead, Park Sun Woo. As you can guess by the title it is a time travel drama, our male lead finds 9 incense sticks that allow him to travel exactly 20 years into the past - he decides to use these to try and change things that happened. Park Hyungsik gets to meet his "older self" played by Lee Jin Wook and they help each other, or himself, out - as the time clicks on the clock and the days are passing - new things are remembered in our future Park Sun Woo's mind and we see them appear as if by magic - It's an awesome drama - one of the best time travel dramas. I've seen this drama twice - I love it.




      What Happens To My Family? (2014)

The second best family drama of 2014! (first one goes to Glorious Days). This is a drama about 3 "un-filial" children, who's dad takes it upon himself to "teach" his children in the form of a lawsuit! These three siblings: Cha Kang Shim (Kim Hyun Joo), Cha Kang Jae (Yoon Park) and Cha Dal Bong (Park Hyung Shik). They face the issue of being sued by their dad, by agreeing to their dad's terms - but can they follow through with them? These siblings also fall into a romance, Cha Kang Shim is chased around by her boss Moon Tae Joo (Kim Sang Kyung) although neither of them desire to get married and plan to stay a spinster and a bachelor for the rest of their lives - their romance/relationship is seriously funny! The faces Moon Tae Joo makes are enough to make me a fan ;P. Cha Kang Jae is as arrogant as anyone you will ever come across - I did not like him, but I did accept him by the end because he got slightly warmer by the help of his partner and father. Now onto Cha Dal Bong - He was my main reason for watching this drama - and I liked his role the best- He was the only sibling that really seemed to care for his dad - sure he didn't show it a lot but you could feel it, in every look, touch and word that came from him. He was immature (probably his biggest fault) but that immaturity gets tamed by the arrival of Kang Seo Wool (Nam Ji Hyun) and we see him grow from an immature boy to a responsible man. ^-^ Besides that he does have a rival in love - his ex-best-friend Yoon Eun Ho (Seo Kang Joon). This is a family drama that I would watch again! It might even make you think more about your family and draw you closer.^^ Park Hyungsik is adorable in this - This is one of his works you should check out!



                    High Society (2015)

Want to see Park Hyung Shik illuminating with charisma, charm and manliness? Yes? Then this is it! The drama itself however was dull and boring, so I can't say that I recommend it - but I can say that I recommend you watch each and every scene with Park Hyung Shik and Im Ji Yeon - They stole this show - and they made a lasting impression on viewers hearts ♥♥♥ Park Hyung Shik plays Yoo Chang Soo, a chaebol playboy who by chance ends up meeting Lee Ji Yi (Im Ji Yeon) because of his blind date with Yoon Ha (Uee). He takes a liking to her almost immediately and serious, yet funny situations arise between them, and then comes the romance that was simply beautiful to watch^^. Lee Ji Yi will be like no other kdrama female you've come across - she's blunt and honest, but yet pure at heart. She says things in a way that would make anyone like her and that's the same reason Yoo Chang Soo was drawn to her. She changes him without him even noticing. He goes from a playboy to a sincere loyal lover during the process of this drama. I was won over by him just like everyone else ^-^ He was so charming! And I loved the wardrobe and hairstyle they gave him for this! The only other character I found interesting in this drama was Lee Sang Woo's brief appearances ;) <Yes I'm a fan ^-^ MV


              "I'm starting to like you, I wasn't going to like you... but you're too cute." - Lee Ji Yi

                                             Aren't they just adorable?! ^-^ ♥♥♥



                     Minor Roles

I thought his character was adorably cute in Heirs. He had a guest role in Perseverance, Goo Hae Ra where he shows up as one of our leads friends. He comes on as a guest in Unexpected You as himself. and has a supporting role in Foolish Mom (I would like to watch this one for him and another actor but I need to find it first) ;)


Through Real Men (Variety show), Park earned the nickname baby soldier for his innocent and novice charms as a soldier in-training. *source: Wikipedia*


                                                More information on this actor at the Wikipedia page ^^


          Some of ZE:A's music:


Ghost of Wind

Mazeltov (this song made me a fan of them) ^-^

Phoenix (a favorite of mine)

Beautiful Lady (by Park Hyung Sik)

Special Christmas Present (sung by Park Hyung Sik)

Missing You (Live Performance) - Hyungsik, Dongjun & Kevin (all my favorite members) ♥

You're My Love (High Society OST) (by Park Hyung Sik) *so beautiful* ♥


That's concludes my stalker guide on Park Hyung Shik - hope you enjoyed reading about him^^ See you next time!


You can find more information on the actor here: Wikipedia

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