by Ceki, January 22, 2016




A psychological drama about a man who must prove his father's innocence while struggling with Alzheimer’s.

Splash Splash LOVE


A typical time traveling romance drama about a girl who travels to the past. It is a special of two episodes only.

Be With Me


A former boy band leader meets his first love once again after 10 years. Now he has a daughter and a new life, but has he really cut the ties with his past?

Lily Fever


As the name suggests, it's a hot and intimate short drama (only 8 eps per 5 minutes) about lesbians. 

I'm Not Just Going to Do What Kurosaki-kun Says


Based on manga of the same name, a girl moves to the dormitory and gets involved with the "devil" and the "prince", two guys of the opposite personalities, both very hot. They want her and she cannot choose which one is the right for her.

Detective Sweet

An autistic girl survives a car crush, only to realize that her senses have become more powerful than ever before. Her new abilities allow her to help the police in solving the most difficult cases.

Pursue Love Back to the Heart

A romantic drama which takes place at a farm. A girl searching for her father, a boy falling for the girl and many more. 

A Touch of Green

A historical drama about a war stricken Taiwan from 1945 to 1971 and the families affected by it.

Rak Rae

Ramin and Wayoon meet, fall in love and end up sleeping together. When Wayoon finds out she is pregnant, Ramin pressures her to get an abortion. Disappointed and heartbroken, she leaves him but decides to keep the baby. Years later, they meet again, Ramin finds out that he has a daughter and wants to reconcile, but Wayoon hasn't forgiven him yet.

Go Princess Go


A hilarious comedy about a playboy who accidentally travels back to the past only to wake up in a body of the crown princess. He wants to go home of course, but how is he going to resist all of the temptation in the form of numerous concubines around him?

Beautiful Secret


Jiang Mei Li has always wanted to find out about her past and now that she has become an overnight sensation due to her magical voice, is she going to succeed?


Mysterious Thief Detective Yamaneko


Kamenashi Kazuya acts as an eccentric thief who steals from the corrupted rich with the help of his friend who is a magazine reporter and a school girl who is a hacker.

Criminologist Himura and Mystery Writer Arisugawa


A criminologist Himura Hideo and his buddy, a mystery novel writer Arisugawa Arisu, team up in order to solve various crime cases.

Cheese in the Trap


The highly anticipated drama based on the manhwa of the same name is finally coming this January. Hong Seol got herself involved with the mysterious and hot guy from her university only to find out that his motives for being with her could be more sinister than she had thought.

Female Friends


Makabe Suzune accepts to let her old friend and classmate spend a night at her home because she had lost her job and home and had nowhere to go with her young son. However, her stay gets prolonged and with her presence both of them start remembering things from their past that should have been forgotten.

Nigeru Onna

Betrayed and abandoned by her best friend, Reiko goes to prison for the crime she has not committed. She's finally out after 8 years and she is ready to take on her ex best friend and finds out the truth.

Please Love the Useless Me

Michio is unable to find a new job until she runs into her scary ex employer. He offers her a job and she accepts but keeps getting into trouble. And... her employer does not seem as scary as before. Based on the manga of the same name.



A remake of the super popular Taiwanese drama from 2004. A shy and traumatized girl who loves painting becomes friendly with the "devil" of her university, the bad guy. After he saves her from a molester, she asks him for a favor - to be her model for the paining. Based on the manga of the same name.

Never Let Me Go

Based on Kazuo Ishiguro's novel, the story follows three main characters who belong to the dystopian society in which they are the clones used for organ harvesting. 


Horikita Maki takes on a role of a female detective who has a special power - she can hear the left behind voices of criminals and victims.

Naomi and Kanako

Two good friends Naomi and Kanako create a secret plan to kill Kanako's husband who's beating her and does not want to let her go.

Moorim School


The upcoming school drama about the teachers and students who have their own unique stories and secrets.




Kazuki Kitamura is back in the dorama world as a former criminal.

The Chronicles of Life


A beautiful melody, played by a young maiden, catches the attention of Na Lan Rang Ruo, as he recognizes performer to be his cousin Wei Lin Lang.

Heaven's Promise


A woman's quest for revenge and how she ends up marrying the enemy in order to avenge her sister.

Sumika Sumire


A woman spends her whole life taking care of her family until she turns 60. Then she gets a second chance. Based on the manga of the same name.

The Imperial Doctoress


Set in the Ming Dynasty, Yun Xian studies medicine in secrecy because women of this profession were abused.

The Descendants of the Sun


A captain and a volunteer doctor fall in love in the war-torn country of Uruk.



Four men - a former yakuza member, a secretary for a politician, a self-defense official and an ex detective gather in order to get revenge.


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