by Ceki, September 24, 2016

While Autumn is slowly approaching, I hope all of you had a great summer and enjoyed many dramas. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the most anticipated Asian dramas for the upcoming season. Get cozy and be sure to tell us which dramas from the list sparked your interest in the comment section below. Let's go!

Proud of Love


A hilarious story of two students, He Zhi Zhou and Shen Xi, who accidentally switched bodies. They must now learn each other's habits in order to fool everyone into thinking everything is normal, until they figure how to change things back! 

Watch it if you're into: comedy, romance, supernatural

StarringSung VivianTong Meng Shi

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On The Way To The Airport


Choi Soo Ah and Seo Do Woo are both married and have children, but their lives change completely when they meet each other for the first time. Judging from the synopsis, this will be a heavy melodrama.

Watch it if you're into: melodrama, cheating

StarringKim Ha NeulLee Sang YoonShin Sung RokChoi Yeo Jin

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Love Like Fate


A love story of a 45-year-old woman who meets a younger man and realizes that he might be her first love from childhood. It seems that the Japanese simply dig the older-woman-younger-man story-lines!

Watch it if you're into: romance, old-woman-younger-man

Starring: Harada TomoyoSaito Takumi

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The K2


An action-packed Korean drama about an ex-soldier who falls for a recluse daughter and acts as a bodyguard. I mean, just look at THIS! Dunno about you, but I will be checking this one out :p

Watch it if you're into: action, romance, hot bodyguards

Starring: Ji Chang Wook,Im Yoon AhSong Yoon AhJo Sung Ha

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Shopping King Louie


A comedy about a spoiled rich heir Louie who always spends money on unimportant things until he meets a lively girl Bok Shil. 

Watch it if you're into: sweet romance, comedy

Starring: Seo In GukNam Ji HyunYoon Sang HyunIm Se Mi

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I Hate You, I Love You


A suspense drama about five different people and how their lives get intertwined by a twist of fate and jealousy. Some of them will soon learn what it is like to get betrayed by a friend and to betray... all while trying hard to get what they want the most - love.

Watch it if you're into: suspense, romance, mature, complicated relationships

Starring: Udomsilp SuthattaThanapatpisal Sananthachat

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Something About 1%


A remake of a popular 2003 drama, this will be a hate-love relationship between two completely different people who get into a 10-month contract engagement.

Watch it if you're into: romance, love-hate-relationships

Starring: Ha Suk JinJun So MinIm Do Yoon

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Soseki Natsume's Wife


A heartwarming historical drama about a married couple Kyoko and Soseki, who suffer many hardships after Kyoko miscarriages their first baby. 

Watch it if you're into: historical, family, romance

Starring: Ono MachikoHasegawa Hiroki

Stay With Me


A famous fashion designer Li Wei Wei lost her memories due to an accidental drowning and now she is trying to find out why the man she remembers as a lover is her rival, and what happened to her dreams because she doesn't recognize herself anymore.

Watch it if you're into: suspense, romance, drama

Starring: Chen JoeWang KaiQiao KimiChen Ran

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Teacher Gappa!


This is a story about Aiko, a 24-year-old teacher who comes from a rural area and must get adjusted to the urban lifestyle and people with different mentality. 

Watch it if you're into: school, slice of life

Starring: Nikaido FumiOhno TakuroSakaguchi Kentaro

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Which dramas are you looking forward to? Thanks for reading and have a lovely day! xxx