by DreamingKoreanBallad, October 9, 2017

Ahn Nae Sang

Born: December 25, 1964

Height: 183cm // 6'0"

Weight: 67kg // 147lbs

Blood Type: B

I've seen 23 of his dramas, so just about half of what he has been in lol (when it comes to supporting roles and main roles that is - I've seen a few of his guest roles as well, though I didn't include them in this article).

He's an actor that makes you want to call him your own father - he just has the aura of "dad" on him. Whenever I see him play a character who is a loving doting father, it really makes me think how nice it'd be to have him as a father. He's such a precious actor, and I enjoy watching him in every role he plays. Usually, I love his character, but he has played a few characters that annoy you or think otherwise about his said character :P This ahjussi is one of my top picks for actors of his age. ^_^



May Queen (2012)

In this he plays a father who finds an infant and takes her in as his own, his love for her is not less than his love for his other kids, he has a big heart and he loves deeply. I've seen this drama twice and I love their relationship. It's one of the first dramas where I fell for him as a father figure.


Wonderful Mama (2013)

He plays a mute brother who dearly loves his younger brother and family more than anything. He truly puts his family first in all aspects of life. I really loved the brotherhood these two had in this drama, it's so precious.


Golden Pouch (2016)

He plays an orphan who found love and started his own family (one of his biggest dreams because he had no family all his life). He also adopts a daughter as his own when she was just a baby, unknown to the rest of his family. He has once again one of the biggest hearts in the planet. His family is precious and worth more than gold to him, he fights for his family at every turn and loves them to the deepest part of his being. When a doctor loses his memory and mistakes them for his family, they take him under their wing and make him their son. 

It's a beautiful family and shows how much family doesn't have to start and end with blood ties. Family bonds start with the heart. (I don't know if you can read it or not if you zoom in or open the picture elsewhere (I've included it in the dramas page photo section as well), but I included a picture where he tells this evil woman what family is to him). ^^


Awl (2015)

It's a drama about labour unions in the workplace - the lead goes to Ahn Nae Sang's character for help on how to help his co-workers and stand up to the unfair work exploitation that has been taking place. Ahn Nae Sang was brilliant in this drama, he has a strong set of morals and does what he must to fight for others and help them see the truth in any situation - even when his own body was deteriorating he still fought wholeheartedly and steadfastly.


Golden Rainbow (2013)

This is one of those dramas where he plays a very annoying character lol. He, his wife and their son were the irritation of this drama, that's for sure, and every time they were on screen, my eyebrows would raise, my mouth would curl in disgust and I'd be huffing with how ridiculous this family lived and how they treated everyone like dirt who wasn't them. (I loved this drama as a whole though, I know a lot of people didn't like it, but I personally really liked it, especially the main lead).


Come Jang Bo Ri (2014)

Once again, a doting dad. (Can I just say these roles of his are my favourite of the roles he plays?) He lost his daughter at a young age when she snuck into a car and woke up much later and became shocked and then got lost and hit by a vehicle and lost her memories. The dad never gave up hope of finding her again someday. His belief and hope that he'd be reunited with his daughter again were one of the reasons I watched this drama.


Hwajeong (2015)

In this, he plays a scholar who makes you laugh with the things he says. :P He's not in this for long, but I enjoyed the time he was here. Gwanghae and he were awesome characters.


Moonlight Drawn by Clouds (2016)

I believe he plays another scholar in this drama, who is hidden from society for a reason. As with all his performances, I enjoyed him in this as well. He also delivers some pretty good lines.


Infamous Chill Sisters (2006)

He plays a divorced dad of 2 girls, who starts up a chicken shop with a divorced woman. His ex keeps coming by and causing havoc and trying to woo him back to his side, but her gambling addiction gets in the way time and time again. He has had enough and calls their relationship over for good. He then accepts Deokchill's proposal to marry so they can both have the family they want. 

His life is not perfect after marriage however as his ex is still on his tail and his new mother-in-law hates him because of it. I personally would have liked to have seen him have more of a backbone in this drama but I could still understand some of his actions and non-actions for how he reacts to things.


God's Quiz 3 (2012)

I have yet to watch this one, but I included it in the main section for his dramas because he has the main role. He plays a detective who, despite his dislike of the medical examiner, will work with him when crime cases come up. I need to watch all God's Quiz seasons but this one is definitely the one that makes me want to watch it the most.


Other dramas: Kill Me Heal Me, Temperature of Love, Love on a Rooftop, Maids and more... He's in so many dramas, there is little chance you will end up watching everything he's in lol - but he's definitely an actor worth keeping your eye on and following in the dramas you can.


         Solomon's Perjury                       Entertainer                       My Daughter Geum Sawol      Run Towards Tomorrow

pLZVxkBL_a2910b_f.jpg O38QYKr4_319519_f.jpgW47QRyyL_4cb402_f.jpgD3mdpPBL_567502_f.jpgP4YjPDA1_7b7bbf_f.jpg

Yoona's Street             Rebel                        7th Grade Civil Servant       Three Brothers                             Monstar


                 High Kick 3                       Sungkyunkwan Scandal                  Band of Sisters                       Family Photo


The Last Princess (2016)

As Kim Hwang Jin... I don't remember his role exactly but I think he might be an independence fighter. As in this photo, there is a picture of the Korean Flag behind him - and most Independent fighters would have those in their secret places. It's a really good but very sad movie!


The Cane (2011)

About a daughter who finds out she has a father who's been to jail, and when he gets out she takes it upon herself to teach him some manners. And makes him a new man. I have yet to watch this one. Not even sure where to look for it or if it's available anywhere. But Ahn Nae Sang playing a dad is a YES for me! ^^ And isn't that cover photo just oh so adorable?! ^_^


Other movies: The Pirates, Poetry, Fly Daddy Fly, Marathon, Once Upon a Time in Highschool, Public Enemy, Fate and tons more. He plays mostly supporting roles with so far only 2 main roles.



This will conclude my article on another one of my favourite ahjussis in dramaland. ^_^ 

Until, next time! ;)