by DreamingKoreanBallad, October 12, 2017

Noh Young Hak

Born: April 1, 1993

Height: 5'7" // 171cm

Weight: 58kg // 127lbs

Blood Type: A

I saw Young Hak in several dramas before I actually started to recognize him, mostly because he was either a side character or had a supporting role in the background. It wasn't until he landed his role in Goddess of Fire that I would recognize him in everything else he starred in, and I was surprised by how many shows I'd already seen him but didn't notice him in. 

He's not an actor that can be overlooked when you consider him as the younger counterpart for the main leads, it's just that when he was in the background and not given a lot of screen time, I didn't "open my eyes" and truly "see" him. But I'm proud to say that I do now, and I've since become a huge fan of his and eagerly await the day he is given more lead roles; so far he only has one main lead role under his belt.



Sun in the Sky (2016)

I'm going to start watching this one soon and Young Hak's character is the one that interests me the most. I didn't realize he was in a daily drama until a few months ago, but judging by the pictures, his character looks just like the kind of character I like (hoping he won't be the opposite of my expectations). The pictures make me think he was abandoned by a woman he loved, and it seems he fights back. That is what I'm hoping for because I want to love him in this. *I'm excited to start it.*


Jing Bi Rock (2015)

Young Hak plays Crown Prince Gwanghae who is left behind to rule the people while his father and the rest of his family fled to save their own lives. He was basically left to die, but Gwanghae is a powerful person who actually cares about his people and their safety, so he looks for ways to protect them and drive the Wae away. He is disregarded and shamed by his family, so this is also a way for him to feel like he is in charge. 

I personally really liked this drama, but it's not your typical "drama drama", but rather it's like taking a walk through history and seeing this invasion step by step, seeing the political interests of every person involved, the slaughter that took place, the way Yushin saved the country with his brilliant ships, and the man who walked us through this piece of history through his book about this time.


Goddess of Fire Jeongi (2013)

Young Hak plays the younger version of a prince who meets the lead girl by chance when they fall into a hole in the forest. I loved his screentime (as well as the adult replacements). This was the drama that made me notice him when I never really paid much attention to him before. Maybe it was because he had more screentime and was playing the younger counterpart of the lead - whatever it was, I'm glad I watched it and started to recognize him as an actor.


Master of Noodles (2016)

Young Hak plays the younger version of the main lead's father, who meets the villain of the story at his country mountain cabin. He befriends the villain and teaches him about noodles, only to soon realize that he's not the guy he thought he was. Despite that, he tried his best to put his faith in him and believe him. Unfortunately, that faith was ultimately betrayed. Young Hak's character was really nice, although he was only on there for a short time. *Hated his hairstyle in this drama lol*


Twenty Again (2015)

Young Hak's character is a college student majoring in musical arts (if I remember correctly). Actually, it was a club he ran, and Choi Ji Woo's character Ha No Ra joins his club and befriends him. He is cocky but nice. I enjoyed his growing friendship with No Ra, his noona.


The Great King's Dream (2012)

Young Hak plays the young Yushin, who is best friends with Prince Chunchu. He joins the Hwarangs and helps Chunchu along in his life, both as a friend and a mentor. I loved the young cast in this. ^_^ The drama as a whole is a great watch.


The Duo (2011)

Young Hak plays young Chung Doong who was switched at birth by the wet nurse who wanted to feed her own child rather than her master's child, so he grows up as a beggar's son. He's wild and unrestrained. He meets and befriends the child who took his place as well as two girls, one who loves him and one whom he loves but who loves another. I loved the OST in this - especially the song by Song So Hee. I enjoyed the bromance but can't say as much for the romance aspect. I preferred the girl on the left side of this picture. I watched the drama because I really liked the cast.


Other roles: Gourmet, Gye Baek, Road No.1, SharkTriangle, and The Long Way Home (movie).

In Road No. 1, he plays a fellow South Korean soldier (who is so much in the background, you might not even see him), in 7th Grade Civil Servant, he plays Choi Kang Hee's brother. In Who Are You, he plays a fellow cop who works with Ok Taecyeon. In Triangle, The Great Seer, Giant, and Gourmet, he plays the younger counterparts of the adult actors. In Saimdang, he plays the crown prince.


                                 Saimdang                                                                                                 GIANT

b4qXljo3_c0f910_f.jpg     732pv8E1_5f4673_f.jpg           O3oany01_616a3a_f.jpg

                                        The Great Seer (guy in back)                     Who Are You                  7th Grade Civil Servant







This will conclude my article on Noh Young Hak, the underrated, overlooked actor who deserves to shine more than he's been able to thus far. I look forward to seeing him in more dramas in the coming years. Hwaiting!