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by HappySqueak on July 17, 2017
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Okja Film Review   



The Plot

With money to be made off a frenzied market of supplying food to the masses, we begin the story of Okja. Tilda Swinton plays the industry-driven CEO of Mirando Corp, Lucy Mirando, who has devised and implemented the purpose of the super pigs.

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When the top selected super pigs are delivered to farmers around the world, to document the growth and development of these pigs. Okja ends up on a mountain side in Korea with an amusing grandpa and his cute but bold granddaughter Mi Ja (played by Ahn Seo Hyun). Mi Ja was 4 years old when piglet Okja arrived.

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The story follows a now adult Okja, who lives freely and appears to be happy and content living with Mi Ja and her Grandfather.

However, the day comes when Okja is to be taken back to the lab for testing and that her time being raised domestically has come to an end. After the lab tests, Okja is going to debut at a contest event showcased to the world out of New York City.

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Lucy Mirando decides to bring Mi Ja to the US to try and shed the bad publicity that occurred in Korea. Mi Ja has another chance to try and save Okja from a terrible fate.

The film’s language rotates between the English (cast actors) and Korean (cast actors).  

Surprise role, with Steven Yeun from the Walking Dead, plays an animal rights activist involved with the Animal Liberation Front. He ends up translating for Mi Ja from English to Korean in a few scenes when she is unable to understand what other activists are saying to her.

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Why You Should Watch It?

The story of a kindred friendship and love for another being, be it a family pet, is powerful but also sheds light on the dark side of the meat industry and the cruel practices used to supply the meat people consume to sustain. The message is clear with a strong point of respect and love for the life of animals through Mi Ja as we see her unwavering dedication of loyalty to her big friend.


Okja is rated mature as there are some action violence and foul language, so despite Okja piggy being adorable and appealing to children on screen, please be aware of the language content.

Personal Rating: 5/10

Reasons: Some areas of the story were lacking and in need of tighter polishing up of loopholes, in my personal opinion, to make more sense. Some questions feel unanswered, but, nevertheless, Okja is a very visually entertaining and imaginative film, with standout and memorable characters.  

Rewatch Value: 3/10

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