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                                                Yeo Jin Goo

Born: August 13, 1997

He is nicknamed "Nation's Little Brother". I first started seeing Jin Goo in dramas where he played the child versions of his older counterparts. The first drama I remember seeing him in was Iljimae, followed by his roles in Swallow the Sun and Warrior Baek Dong Soo. He's an actor who leaves an impression, I could never forget his face or his characters. He wanted to be an actor since childhood, and he made a good choice as he's excellent as an actor. I soon saw him in Moon that Embraces the Sun and Missing You where he has since entered his teenage years. And a couple years ago I watched him in 'Giant' where he mentioned that it was the first role he started to take seriously as an actor. I loved his character - such a sweet boy. And with his most recent roles in Circle and Reunited Worlds, it was time for an article on this handsome talented fellow. They are by far my favourite characters he's played thus far. (and I'm so glad he's now entered the age where he is getting lead roles). ^_^ He's grown up into such a handsome & talented man that this noona can't help but feel proud of him ;)




                                        The Crowned Clown (2019)

I'm planning on watching this one soon, I've seen high praises for it and it seems like one I'd really enjoy as well. The drama is about a king who is trying to avoid being assassinated and so they hire a clown who looks identical to the king to take his place and play the role of King until the danger has passed. In the meantime the clown falls for the queen. It's kind of like an adaption of the prince and the pauper.

Reunited Worlds (2017)

- A drama where two worlds collide, Ha Sung and Jung Won were friends since their school years, but a tragic accident happens and Hae Sung leaves this world but returns 12 years later looking exactly the same as he did before, while everyone else has aged. He reconnects with his family and friends again and tries to unravel his twisted past. (I'm loving this one, it's a very nice drama to watch after watching a dark episode of another airing drama. Yeo Jin Goo is so loveable in this, despite him being almost 10 years younger than me, I can't help but crush on his character in this drama). Trailer


Circle (2017)

It's a 2 part drama where the first part focuses on the past events and what it is that leads up the future part. It's based in a world where humans and aliens meet and some humans take advantage of the knowledge that the aliens have. I loved this drama, any theory I had was immediately flipped soon after, I could never have a solid theory it seemed, this drama was the master of twists! I loved the bromance between the brothers and the friendship between Woo Jin and Jung Yeon. You have to watch it to experience it's magnificence. Trailer


The Royal Gambler (2016)

I have yet to see this one, I just haven't found the right time to sit and marathon it yet. Jin Goo plays King Yeong Jo in this drama where he places a huge bet with the best gambler in Joseon. MV (the Prince and his girl)


Missing You (2012)

A very heavy melodrama where the leads meet as kids and fall in love. Because of a crime, they get separated, one was longing for her while she holds a huge grudge. I personally loved the "love" that was portrayed in this drama. A true heartfelt devotion to the other. The pain and regret of being separated and the quest to find one another again. my favourite MV (the song fits them so well and I love the narration towards the end). (Young cast only MVs) MV1, MV2, MV3 (longer).


Warrior Baek Dong Soo (2011)

One of the greatest bromances to have come! Dong Soo was born with a weak body b/c of how he was carried in the womb, he has to wear this wooden outfit to keep his body in alignment until he's strong enough to live without it. He meets Yeo Woon and they become the best of friends with a different fate. One born to overcome and the other born to protect him from harm. Loved the young and older cast in this (they did a great job matching them together). When they get older my heart totally surrendered to Yeo Woon lol - but the bromance that was between these two was powerful. It will leave you in tears. (mv of the young and older cast back and forth): MV


The Moon that Embraces the Sun (2012)

MV (young cast) - He plays the crown prince who falls in love and is about to marry Yeon Woo (played by Kim Yoo Jung) but someone gets in the way of his plans and casts a spell that ends up separating these two for years until they are reunited once again b/c of fate. This drama has quite a bit of "shamanism" in it but the romance and loyalty shown in this drama are SO good!


Giant (2010)

Teaser (Yeo Jin Goo *only the first 39 seconds*) - He plays the younger brother, whose father gets shot down by bad men, that flees with his family only to get separated from them (the siblings all find their way to one another when they get much older). He ends up living with a man who used to be a friend of his father (though he doesn't know this) and falls in love with his daughter. I really missed the young cast when they "grew up" - it's one of those dramas where you don't want to see them leave your screen lol.


Iljimae (2008)

He plays the young version of Iljimae - he's adorable when he's on here. The drama is about a boy/man who forgets who he is but when he remembers he seeks those who destroyed his family. Thus going covert as a hero in disguise.


Other dramas he's starred in: Orange Marmalade, PotatoStar2013, Reputable FamilyTree with Deep Roots as the teenage version of Dol Bok - he was recommended for this role by Jang Hyuk himself who took a liking to him after his role as his younger counterpart in the movie Tazza, and Ja Myung Go. As well as many other 'guest' roles in older shows.




1987 (2017)

He will play Park Jong Cheol *guest role* (a person who became the fuse of democratization in 1987). The movie will be about the people who try and uncover the truth behind his death. A very good movie if you like movies on Korea's history.


Warriors of the Dawn (2017)

Trailer - He plays Crown Prince Gwanghae, when the Japanese army invades Korea (the Imjin war), King Seonjo flees north & abandons his people, while leaving the crown prince in charge. This film portrays Gwanghae's growth from a sheltered prince who doesn't see himself as a future king and his scared nature that makes him want to give up, into a strong leader who only wants to help his people under the guidance of To Woo (played by Lee Jung Jae), a warrior. This movie shows them travelling and spurts of fighting the Japanese forces along the way. I ended up watching it raw for this article lol (otherwise I'd have waited for subs), but since I think the dialog is very important for this one, I'm going to have to re-watch it again once proper English subs come out - as I missed the core of this film b/c of no subs.


The Long Way Home (2015)

Trailer - Set during the Korean War, a South Korean soldier is assigned to protect a secret document and hand it over to his superiors, but he loses it and it ends up in the hands of a young North Korean soldier who is trying to take it to his side while protecting the last tank. (once again, his co-star in this movie strongly recommended Jin Goo for this role and only signed after Jin Goo was confirmed).


Shoot My Heart (2015)

Trailer - He gets sent to the mental institution by his father and meets this crazy dude who befriends him, all sorts of shenanigans then start to happen and truths start to be revealed. It's a sad but hilarious movie about the crazies who have an amazing bromance. I loved them. ^^


Mr. Perfect (2014)

Trailer - It's about a teacher (Yoon Shi Yoon) who lost his ability to speak after an accident and goes to an island as a teacher to recover and gives golf lessons in order to help the school from shutting down. Even though he can't speak, he does his best to show his care for the kids and especially one student who shows great potential. I really enjoyed the mentorship of YSY's character and the desire to learn from YJG's character.


Hwayi: A Monster Boy (2013)

Trailer - He plays a boy who was kidnapped at a very young age and reared by 5 monsters, all of whom he refers to as "father". One day, he falls for a young girl not knowing the fate that would befall her because of him. He has to take it upon himself to rid himself of these monsters as they destroy everything he's ever believed in. It was too bloody and dark for my taste. His acting was brilliant and his character tragic.


Sad Movie (2005)

Trailer - "Separation is another face of love." Yeo Jin Goo, plays a kid who has trouble in school, his mom is upset with him for this but then realizes she doesn't have much time left with him. Their story is about a mother and son re-bonding in the face of imminent death. Yeo Jin Goo is such a little cutie in this movie (his acting debut). Those little pouts he makes with his lips are so cute. I enjoyed his story and Shin Min Ah's story in this as well. As you can tell from the title, there is no happy ending for anyone in this movie.



Bonus: Music Videos he's starred in ~

K.Will  - I Need You (he appears at 1:44), and Baek Ji Young - Still In Love.











Some information was taken from Wikipedia. Read more on the actor there.


This will conclude my article on the actor who took our hearts as a child and is now making our hearts melt with his lead roles as an adult actor. I will be looking forward to his future projects. ^^