by HappySqueak, December 11, 2017

From KBS's Season 8 of Drama Specials, here are some reasons to check out the charming and funny Let Us Meet

This is a summarized list containing many spoilers of the special.

Reason 5: Historical Drama

While it's not the usual Joseon historical era that might come to mind with the term historical, this story takes place in the 1930s! The 30s seemed to have a heightened amount of passion, fashion, class ranking, and a great deal of flirtation when attracting a potential life partner. 

There are some very charming aspects in locations, set design and styling in this drama special. You can really feel a lot of effort went in to catch the proper ambiance of this time period.

Reason 4: A lead who is a romantic at heart

This expression may often give off a sense of whimsy and maybe weakness when a romantic is pursuing their dreams of love. Female lead Lee Su Ji played by Jo Bo Ah is indeed a romantic at heart, but she is a bold, fun and thriving girl.  Unfortunately, she is also a poor member of the working class holding a position at a friend's store as an employee there. Her optimism is the magic of dreams and nothing seems to get her down.

She is very driven toward her goal of marriage!

Reason 3: Match Making

It is always amusing to see people getting set up on dates and watch their reactions. In order for Lee Su Ji  to seek out a marriage candidate, she has to fork over money to handsome male lead Cha Joo Oh played by Son Ho Jun (you will recognize him as Choi Ban Do  from Go Back Couple). He runs a speed dating and matchmaking company.

His first impression of her is not grand as she is more country bumpkin than a lady of class who is suitable for a high end marriage proposition. 

He reluctantly agrees to help her out, and later he gets dazzled by her mini beauty makeover when she polishes herself up for her first matched date!

Love has struck Mr. Match Maker!

But not all the dates go according to plan.

Cue some light envy for when the  potential 'Mr. Right' marriage candidate comes along! 

Reason 2: Fighting for what you believe in!

Because of the desperation of the time period, underhanded situations arise forcing our leads to make some important choices, not only for their well being but for their people which carries that warm feeling of loyalty and honor.

Reason 1: True Love

Okay, this is my favorite reason! As feelings of attraction begin to bloom you can sense right away the direction of our leads' fate, but nevertheless it is enjoyable to watch it unfold. This drama is smartly written for the length of time, and has some notable standout characters that are quite quirky and memorable.

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