by Skye-N-Rain, May 1, 2019

Hello everyone!    
If  you are reading this, then you probably want to help MDL by  becoming a writer. We are currently looking for committed users to  fill the positions listed below.

[Just to clarify, you can always  write articles from any of these  sections. You don't need to become a  dedicated writer for Currently  Watching only. You can write whatever  type of article you want,  whenever you want. Simply contact Skye to do so. Also, these are all unpaid positions like everything else on MDL. ]

   For more info or to apply for any of the positions, please contact Skye.

     CW Writers:     
     These  are writers who are interested in writing Currently Watching articles,  in which he/she discusses what the currently airing drama is about, what  he/she thinks of it, and why others should give it a try.
General expectations:     
     ◘ Only for dramas that are currently airing    
     ◘ Articles do NOT include spoilers    
     ◘ English ability

    Previously published CWs:       7th Grade Civil Servant, Queen of Ambition, Flower Boy Next Door

     For more info or to apply for the CW Writer position, please contact Skye. 

Weekend Movie Reviewers:     
     Everyone  likes watching movies, especially on the weekend. Writers in this  category provide readers an interesting list of movies worth their time  during the weekend.
General expectations:     
     ◘ Provide basic synopsis of movies without spoilers    
     ◘ Appropriate content--nothing too lusty or overly violent    
     ◘ Minimum of 3 movies    
     ◘ English ability

    Previously published reviews:      Gooheajung's, Akai's

     For more info or to apply for the Weekend Movie position, please contact  Kikimorka.

     Stalker's Guide Writers:     
     Writers  discuss the overall career and life of an actor/actress. In a way, SG  articles express one's obsessiveness and stalker-ish love for an  actor/actress. ;)
General expectations:    
     ◘ Has seen enough of actor/actress' dramas    
     ◘ Discuss actor's/actress' roles in dramas/movies    
     ◘ English ability

    Previously published Stalker's Guides:      Yoshizawa Ryo

   For more info or to apply for the positions below, please contact Skye.

    Let's work together to make MDL a better place!

    -MyDramaList Staff