by Matchmakers, February 17, 2024

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Welcome to the second round of Date a Drama! 

Hi everyone, JulyMoon (former moonchild) here. Thank you all for the feedback to my first Date a Drama article. I was overwhelmed by the love I received for the article and decided to turn it into a series. That means there's a third one coming that will be especially made to meet the expectations of dramaland newbies, so look out for it. :) 

Hello everyone, suckerforhappyendings here. I was a fellow reader and read moonchild's previous article along with the rest of you and of course, loved it! I happened to pass along an idea to her and we ended up working on this together. I'm so excited for you to go through yet another edition of Data a Drama, and I hope you find your perfect date.

As you see, I've got a co-writer, the lovely suckerforhappyendings, for this special edition of Date a Drama! Together, we're the matchmakers and our goal is to get you matched up with a drama. 

Now you might wonder what makes this dating game article "special". Well, there are some changes compared to last time:  

  1. Pure randomness, no sorting of dramas (last time there was a hidden system, meaning you could choose the production country of the dramas.) 
  2. New countries, we now have drama dates from Taiwan and Thailand, too! 
  3. Each date comes with a melody, that means you not only get a blind date with a drama but also with a surprise song at the same time.
  4. No rough descriptions of genre, which maximizes the randomness.

The Idea

Like the previous article, this is based on dating games that work with pictures the user chooses. On those dating games, there's a person (your date), action or situation (when it's a story type dating game) behind each picture.

The photos in this article are completely random. They will probably mislead you if you try to guess what's behind them. Don't bother making assumptions, just go with the photo you like best and see what date awaits you. It's up to you if you choose your drama date or song date first.

I'm still not a professional cupid or matchmaker and suckerforhappyendings is new in the business. xD That's why we cannot guarantee you'll find your drama soulmate here. There's always a risk you end up with a date you do not like for any reason. Therefore, it's no problem to "break up" and come back here for another date at any time. The overall idea of this article, though, is to introduce you to dramas you wouldn't have picked or even found, so it's recommended to give your date a try. Who knows, maybe your date ends up a full success. :)

This dating game comes with 63 dating partners from five different countries. We made sure all dates speak English (have English sub).

Despite the article's romance theme, the genres are widely spread and the dramas do not necessarily include romance.

How it works

Step 1: Look at all the pictures.

Step 2: Choose the one picture you like best.

Step 3: Click on the arrow icon under your chosen picture or on the picture itself (the arrow will link you outside MDL to your mystery bonus song on Youtube, the picture will link you directly to your date.)

Step 4: Enjoy your date!

Dating Rules

1. Do not cheat by clicking randomly on the photos. This will only ruin the fun for yourself as it takes away the surprise.

2. It’s recommended to only pick one date at a time.

3. If a date is not to your liking, you may leave it anytime and come back to choose another one.

4. If you come back here after a date, feel free to comment or leave feedback about your date, but please avoid spoilers about the drama or mark your comment as a spoiler and avoid things like “the photo with the bunny leads to the drama Rabbit Hill”.

5. You won’t find a drama with the title Rabbit Hill nor a photo with a bunny here so don’t look for it. xD

6. Linked songs on Youtube might get removed due to copyright issues. If you are interested in what songs we used, we'll provide a list with all songs. You can find it here

Now on to the dating partners. Have fun and happy dating!

You've reached the end of the article. We hope you liked it and found a nice date.
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