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As you all know, dramaland isn't a small space which we can explore fully, so two articles weren't even enough for me to share these meaningful sometimes inspirational/motivational quotes with you. So I'm back again with more 'Life Lessons.' Well, if you haven't seen the previous articles, here you can check them out: Life Lessons from K-dramas and Life Lessons: MDL'ers Favorite.  So let's start!

  • "Being corrected and being looked down upon are two different things. People will do it more if you just let them. They'll think it's okay." - Dr. Romantic
  • “Moving forward is hope and stopping is painful. I believe that an anxious hope is better than a comfortable pain.” - More than friends
  • "It's fine to be deluded sometimes. There's no need to force the harsh truth onto a small bit of happiness. Sometimes you need an illusion to be happy." - Reply 1988
  • "To be talented is something you are born with but living well is by your own effort." - The Light In Your Eyes
  • "Fate between human beings is like all sort of threads that have entangled destiny." - My Unicorn girl
  • "Living your life with no regrets from the choices you've made, that's what you need to do for your own happiness." - Reply 1994
  • "The world has been created regardless of one's will. Depending on the relationship you make with the world, you can create your own meanings. We go on with our lives in this current world. As we love, suffer, and die, we're living in a real world." - Extraordinary You
  • "Losing memory is like a journey, a journey of the inner heart. It makes me know my inner heart better. I have a happy life here every day." - Forget You Remember Love

Something We Can't Ignore

  • "There's no point in regretting it now because there's a reason for every choice. So just trust your choice." - Start-Up
  • "Don't you think deceiving yourself is the worst? Pretending that you're not hurt or lonely and that everything is okay. And the pretense caused the heart to fall sick." - The Great Seducer
  • "Water is the world's clearest matter. Once it is contaminated, you can see it right away. The way I act is like this cup of water. I strive to be clean and immaculate with a clear conscience. Therefore I can't stand people who hide and conceal in front of me." - Cruel romance
  • "There are things you can see more clearly when you're alone. And it's not so bad to learn from loneliness." - When the Weather is Fine

  • "No matter how poor or how angry you are, and how much people look down on you, there are things you shouldn't compromise. That's what you call conscience." - Dr. Romantic 2
  • "Dream is the hope for the future. It's something that you feel happy with even when you struggle to stick to it." - Le Coup de Foudre
  • "You can be the most honest with someone you hardly know." - Search: WWW
  • "No matter how thirsty you are, you should never drink seawater. You have to hold out until it rains." - Start-Up
  • "The mountains and seas of the world are interconnected,  the sea of tall mountains are vast and endless just like the responsibilities we have to carry on in life." - Guardian

How words can be inspiring

  • "Lending a shoulder to cry is more comforting than telling someone not to cry." -Romance is a Bonus Book
  • "The typhoon will always pass. So long as we are a bit patient, the sky will be blue after the storm passed. Take your time and have a little more patience." - As long as you love me
  •  "The eyes of others are not needed to determine my true self-worth. I have to recognize it." - Forest

by Na Taejoo

It's not about where we were yesterday
and it's not about where we'll be tomorrow.
It's just about where we are today.
And, you.

- A Poem A Day

  • "Try to only think about your happiness when things are too stressful." -  It's Okay To Not Be Okay 
  • "It will depend on whose perspective you see this. Look at the world from your perspective, then you'll be the main character." -  Extraordinary You
  •  "What people think of me is their problem. Being happy by my own standards is what I need in life, right?" -  When The Camellia Blooms
  • "Regret is the most painful thing you can experience in life." - Vincenzo

Finding love

  • "Even better than any long conversations or any perfect words, the look saying that 'I love you is more than enough." - Reply 1994
  • "Actually, we're all afraid of being misunderstood. But we often forget that behind misunderstandings,
    people are caring about us. Some love may be misunderstood as like, but one person loving another person can't be concealed." -  Le Coup de Foudre
  • "Liking someone is the feeling of being attracted, loving someone is lifelong companionship." - Symphony's romance
  • "A relationship is like a war. It's easy to start, but it's never easy to end." - Lovestruck In The City
  • "If you love someone, you need to let him be who he wants. Support the path he chooses. If he chooses the right path, you will be happy for him. If it's wrong, you wouldn't give up on him." ⁣ Our Glamorous Time
  • "Feelings are based on destiny, they cannot be forced." - A Love So Beautiful
  • "No one can define how a relationship should begin. There's no right or wrong to it." -  Search: WWW

It's Okay If You Don't Love Me
by Lee Jung Ha

It's okay if you don't acknowledge me.
A new leaf will sprout,
even under the cold rain
and the stars will come out,
even if clouds cover it.
It's okay if you don't offer me a hand.
I blazed up like a dry leaf
as someone who couldn't say a word.
I'm okay with being in one-sided love
and then becoming love myself.
My love, it's okay if you don't love me.

- A Poem A Day

  • "Instead of being taken care of, I prefer someone who knows me and deserves my love... and I'm not afraid of difficulties. The thing I afraid of is unable to do what I want to." - My little happiness
  • "We all want to receive a present on special days such as New Year or birthdays. But some people come into our life those who love us are the best presents granted by fate." -Le Coup de Foudre

Struggles We Face

  • "Life won't go easy on you, you know. You have to be prepared for the worst so that you don't get hurt too much." - A Poem A Day
  • "No one is born being able to endure pain from the start. So don't try to seem okay if that's what you're doing." - Run On
  • "I wish this were all a dream. I wish I could wake up and not remember any of this." - Scarlet Heart Ryeo
  • "Even if you try hard not to notice your wounds, they don't go away. They'll remain in the corners of your heart and keep hurting you." - The Uncanny Counter
  • "Instead of being taken care of, I prefer someone who knows me and deserves my love.." and I'm not afraid of difficulties. The thing I afraid of is unable to do what I want to." - My little happiness
  • "We all want to receive a present on special days such as New Year or birthdays. But some people come into our life those who love us are the best presents granted by fate." - Le Coup de Foudre
  • "When people are in so much pain and they don't know how to handle it... they look for the reason of their pain in other people. Because that's easier. Even though that doesn't solve anything." - Flower Boy Next Door
  • "It's not winning the fight that victims wish for. All they want is to stop being the victim" - My ID is Gangnam Beauty
  • "Regardless of how something great maybe, it becomes worthless if it gets neglected." - Still 17
To Daffodil

By Jung Ho-sung

Don't cry
You are human because you are lonely
Living overcoming loneliness
Don't wait for the phone call that might not come
When it rains, walk on the street with rain
The dark chested long bill 
is watching you from the reed field
Sometimes a god cries because he feels lonely
Birds sit on tree branches because they feel lonely
You sit near the water because you feel lonely
The shadow of mountains comes to town, 
once a day because it feels lonely
The bell ring spreads because it feels lonely 

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