by Lily Alice, May 17, 2024

Jo Sung HaHa Do GwonLee Joon HyukKim Won Hae, and Im Seul Ong enrich the upcoming action drama Player Season 2: Master of Swindlers with their presence.  

Player Season 2: Master of Swindlers follows elite swindlers joining forces to rob the rich of their dirty money. 

Jo Sung Ha (The K2Arthdal ChroniclesMemorist), well known for his versatile acting skills, plays the role of President Choi Sang Ho, the most powerful figure in Korea. Having spent a long time as an opposition politician, he miraculously got elected as the president. 

Ha Do Gwon (Marry My HusbandTale of the Nine-Tailed 1938Hot Stove League) will be seen as Prosecutor Kwak Do Soo. He is a character with a sharp intellect and pragmatic nature and is good at finding shortcuts that others cannot see. He is curious about the swindlers who committed crimes but left behind some good. 

Lee Joon Hyuk (The Story of Park's Marriage ContractHappinessJoseon Attorney: A Morality) takes on the role of Hwang In Sik, who unexpectedly appears before the scammers along with Jung Soo Min (Oh Yeon Seo). Despite his innocent outlook, slurred speech, and seemingly naive demeanor, he exudes a unique aura. 

Kim Won Hae (Lovely RunnerRevenantThe Good Bad MotherStart-UpHotel del LunaWhile You Were SleepingHwarang) also starred in Player as Prosecutor Jang In Gyoo. Unlike in the past, when he joined forces with the players and punished villains by setting aside his beliefs, he now lives as an upright and righteous prosecutor.  

Im Seul Ong (Mrs. Cop Season 2) transforms into former special forces soldier Shin Woo Young, who becomes involved with the scammers whom he has never met. Behind his exceptional combat skills honed through rigorous special forces training lies a hidden story.

Player Season 2: Master of Swindlers premieres on June 3. More news about the K-drama's OTT streaming service is yet to come.