by fanitha, November 7, 2017

Hello! This article is about popular dramas that I personally disliked and mostly ended up dropping. So this is only my personal opinion and maybe the reasons I give for disliking these dramas are exactly the same reasons why the majority of people liked them.

WARNING: this article contains SPOILERS for the following dramas: W, Suspicious Partner, Jealousy Incarnate, Siren, Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto, and Tomorrow With You.


I ended up dropping W on episode 7 (out of 16) since my biggest problem was that I could not understand the female lead, Yoo Joon, her train of thoughts was beyond my comprehension and neither could I get the main lead Kang Chul.

Why, why on earth would Yoo Joon sacrifice anything for a cartoon character?? Why?? This was the main problem for me, I couldn’t relate to a story in which the heroine threw away something real for something that wasn't. Maybe if they made Kang Chul a more real or sympathetic character I'd have liked him, but since the beginning, we were supposed to love him because he is the main character of the webtoon and that's it. And don’t get me wrong there are many of us out there who have fangirled over a manga character or so, but I don’t think that is enough to understand all of Yoo Joon's madness in this!!

Though I’m glad I dropped it on episode 7 since I read several comments on MDL that there’s just so many inconsistencies with how the webtoon world worked that it was difficult to follow all the rules that were set.

Suspicious Partner

According to my dramalist’s statistics, this drama may not be that popular compared to W, but I do think is one of the most popular dramas of this year.

This drama was not what I was expecting, it really gets thumbs up for the suspense part but the romance wasn't well portrayed. The problem for me was that this drama didn’t have a clear definition of what kind of drama it wanted to be, a suspense drama, a romantic drama or a comedy drama? They tried to scramble these 3 genres and it didn’t work, I have seen suspense dramas that involve romance but the difference with this drama is that they wanted to give the same weight to the suspense as to the romance and that is where they failed. The plotlines’ balance was not well done and I felt like I was watching two different dramas at the same time.

I really liked the suspense part of the drama and that is the main reason I was able to finish it. I would love to see a suspense drama written by this author because the plot twist and the villain were written extraordinarily!!

Jealousy Incarnate

Jealousy Incarnate was very popular last year as it aired and had very good reviews, but I dropped it at episode 6 (out of 24).

The humour in this drama was not my cup of tea; I feel it was too dark for a romance drama. I still remember the last episode I watched, it was the episode where Lee Hwa Shin goes to a funeral and there he sees his best friend laughing so happily with Na Ri. It was very bizarre for me to watch that scene in which everyone was grieving and those two were having the time of their life, I just didn’t get it. 

Overall I didn’t get many of the “funny” things that happened in the drama, like when Na Ri was trying to grab Hwa Shin’s breast to confirm her suspicions of him having a breast lump. This was definitely not the romance drama I was expecting to watch so I decided to drop it.


Siren is pretty popular in the suspense dorama recommendations and that’s the reason I watched this drama. Since it is highly recommended I was hoping for a very intriguing suspense story, but at the end, I was let down.

I did finish watching this drama and I have to say I didn’t find the plot as full of suspense as I expected. Already at the beginning, I realized that Yuki and Kara were related so I found out one of the biggest revelations they had prepared for the end and I was left with almost nothing exciting to look forward. Matsuzaka Tori was one of the biggest revelations for me in this drama I really liked his character and his acting was very spot on for this role. Nanao was also excellent in her portrayal of the crazy killer, I really liked her performance in this.

On the other hand, I was so disappointed with Kimura Fumino’s character; she was so exasperating since she chose to believe someone she had just met instead of her longtime boyfriend.  And it was also pretty hard to believe she was a police detective since she was very gullible therefore tricked very easily.  

Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto

So many people recommend this drama as one of the best ones of 2016, but I dropped this one on episode 5 (out of 10). I rarely drop a dorama since they are short on episode count and the episode’s duration is shorter than K-dramas.

I am a fan of Miura Shohei and I do like Yamazaki Kento as well as Kiritani Mirei, so I thought I would really like this drama since the cast was a good one. But my, I really hated the love triangle or was it a love square?? It was very weird how it really looked like Chiaki liked Misaki but then he ended up going back to his ex and how then things got very complicated with everyone’s feelings going back and forth. I just couldn’t handle all that and besides all the love troubles they also added the problem with the adopted brother, it was too much!

Tomorrow With You

Another dropped drama on episode 7 (out of 16).

The premise of this drama was very interesting and the suspense in it was also something that kept me watching it, but at the end of the day I couldn’t stand watching this drama and I decided to rather drop it than find out the big revelation at the end (did he die or not?) I just couldn’t care less about it.

The OTP didn’t have chemistry at all; it was very difficult to believe he was falling in love with her and it was also not that believable that she was in love with him.  Also, I felt the story was very slow paced and we hardly got any plot development.

So these are the dramas which I considered were popular but I didn't like that much.
Now it's your turn to share your opinion! Thanks for reading!