by lo_ve, June 2, 2022

TVXQ's U-Know (Jung Yunho) is in discussion to return to promotions through the upcoming JTBC drama "Race." 

On June 2nd, several media outlets reported that U-Know will be joining the cast of "Race." He will reportedly work together with former labelmate Lee Yun Hee, Hong Jong Hyun, and Moon So Ri

U-Know's agency SM Entertainment responded to the reports. They stated that U-Know indeed receive the offer to star in the drama. He is considering the offer positively. 

"Race" will revolve around the politics happening in the office. It will showcase the journey of marketer Park Yoon Jo who's dedicated to working, and Ryu Jae Min, a smart employee who doesn't have any expectations in the company. 

The series will be directed by Kim Roo Ri ("Hyena" and "The Ace"). 

If U-Know confirms his casting, this will be his comeback to acting in five years. The idol received the offer to act as Seo Dong Hoon, the CEO of a PR Agency called Earth Communications. 

In 2021, U-Know has been embroiled in a controversy after he violated the social distancing regulations. The actor decided to halt all his activities to reflect. 

In March 2022, U-Know broke his silence and it was reported that the idol donated 50 million won to the victims of the forest fires that happened in Gangwon Province. 

There are no official broadcast details yet for the upcoming drama "Race."

U-Know last starred in the 2017 drama "Meloholic" with Kyung Soo Jin, Choi Dae Chul, Laboum's Sol Bin, Han Joo Wan, and Kim Min Gue

He was also part of the dramas "Go Back Couple," "I Order You," "Night Watchman's Journal," "Queen of Ambition," "I Live in Cheongdam-dong," and "Heading to the Ground." He was also included in the film "Ode To My Father."

U-Know made his official debut in 2003. Meanwhile, he started his acting career in 2009.


Do you wish to see U-Know in dramas once again?