by lo_ve, December 30, 2022

The upcoming K-drama "Money Game" starring Ryu Joon Yeol, Chun Woo Hee, Park Jung Min, and Park Hae Joon has already finished filming.

On December 30th, it was officially confirmed that the upcoming thriller mystery K-drama "Money Game" wrapped up its filming last December 23rd. 

"Money Game" is the first-ever K-drama work of director Han Jae Rim. The director is known for helming the famous films "The Face Reader," "Emergency Declaration," "The King," "The Show Must Go On," and more. 

The upcoming series will depict the story from the webtoon of the same name and another webtoon titled "Pie Game" by the same author Bae Jin Soo. 

"Money Game" will tell the story of eight people who need money joining a reality-variety show called Money Game. The 8 people will stay in a studio that only has concrete walls. They should stay for 100 days and will have to cooperate. They will equally divide the winning prize but everything they spend on like food, water, and electricity, which is way more expensive than normal, will have to be deducted from the prize. 

The upcoming series is the collaboration of Magnum Nine, Studio N, and Lotte Culture Works. 

Other casts of the drama include Bae Sung Woo, Moon Jung Hee, Lee Yeol Eum, and Lee Joo Young.

"Money Game" began filming on June 25th and it was officially finished on December 23rd. It took about six months for the film to be completed safely. 

Director Han Jae Rim commented, "In a short period the filming of 'Money Game' ended safely. I hope viewers will look forward to the eight characters and their stories that were portrayed by great actors. I will do my best to meet the audience with more fun works."


Are you excited to see the upcoming K-drama "Money Game"?