by Ceki, April 22, 2020

The Korea Drama Awards is a South Korean award ceremony for excellence in local television. Ever since its inception in 2007, it has been held each October in Jinju, South Gyeongsang Province. The eligibility period is September of the previous year to October of the current year. Nominees are chosen from Korean dramas that aired on the three major broadcasting networks (KBS, MBC, and  SBS) and cable channels. 

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Choi Soo Jong Daesang Award 
(My Only One)

"My Beautiful Side" is a drama about a woman who loses everything one day, when she discovers that her parents are not her biological ones and that they are also murderers. It is the story of someone who will live boldly while putting back together the pieces of her life broken by love.

Choi Soo Jong won the Grand Excellence Award for his performance in My Only One where he portrayed a father who hid his identity and only lived for his daughter.
“A drama is like an orchestra, so it’s not something that’s born just because someone does a good job,” said Choi Soo Jong. “Everyone’s hard work and efforts presented themselves like this. I sincerely thank you for this grand award. I’ll continue to work together to achieve good and work hard to be a good influence and be a channel of blessing.”

JTBC’s widely popular drama SKY Castle won the Best Drama for its story of rich families and their extreme obsession with higher education. It began with 1 percent in viewership ratings and achieved a peak of 23.8 percent. It was also picked up by Warner Bros. who signed a contract for a U.S. remake.

Best Screenplay Award

Jo Jung Seon 

Mother of Mine

Top Excellence Awards for Leading Actor/Actress

Kim Dong Wook

Special Labor Inspector Jo

 Kim Min Jung

My Fellow Citizens!

Excellence Awards for Best Actor/Actress

Kang Ki Young

Moment at Eighteen

Lee Kyu Hyung

Doctor John

Lee Se Young

The Crowned Clown

Best New Actor & Actress

Ong Seong Wu

Moment at Eighteen


Doctor Prisoner

Best Original Soundtrack

Ha Jin - "We All Lie" (SKY Castle)

Popular Character Awards

Ahn Chang Hwan

as Ssongsak in The Fiery Priest 

Kim Bo Ra

as Kim Hye Na in SKY Castle 

Star of the Year Awards

Go Joon

The Fiery Priest 

Shin Ye Eun

He is Psychometric

Lifetime Achievement Award

Jung Dong Hwan

 Hotel del Luna

Other awards:

Hallyu Star Award - Ong Seong WuMoment at Eighteen
Hot Star China Award - Kim Seo Hyung:  SKY Castle

Congratulations to the winners! 

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