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By popular demands, here's the summary of the sweet moments between Xinger-YWY before and after the proposal of the "Wedding Night" scene.  I've already done a summary on the "Wedding Night" chapter 180 in the book so I will just link it here for you to reference.  These parts appear in Chapters 179 and 181 of the book.

Get ready...lots of sweet moments and convos here that will give you toothaches for days!!  :)

Chapter 179: Straightforward Expression (I'm adding a little bit of the end of Chapter 178 in here because I feel that the convo between Xinger and YWY in this part is important and endearing as well).  :)

As I mentioned before, after their reunion since YWY's ice lake death they separated a few times (due to personal and political reasons) before Xinger finally joined up with YWY and followed him for good.  This last time she has been in Liang state helping to protect Liang from YX's invasion (a lot of details here but basically Xiao Ce's fate ended tragically and Xinger was fighting to protect his kids and his country from YX, she ALMOST became the Liang empress by being the adopted mother of the standing emperor who's Xiao Ce's 6 year old young son so she would help rule Liang state until the emperor is 20 years old...however on coronation day she tricked everybody and left Liang to meet up with YWY...Xinger said something very poignant here "by climbing up these steps to the throne at the top, I would have 1/4 of the world, someone like me who was a slave, I now have risen to the highest position and this empire is now within the palm of my hand, but this isn't what I want, I have to leave, someone is waiting for me")...

Xinger left Liang state bringing with her Xiao Ce's infant son as she has promised him to protect his kids...she left his 6 year old son who's the current emperor with a trusted general and brought the infant with her because he was too small and she had to protect what's left of Xiao Ce's bloodline as this is the only thing she can do for him...

Fall wind is blowing yellow leaves all over the sky...
At the top of the bridge, YWY is sitting on his horse wearing his sword.
His soldier reported: "Master, Miss Chu is coming."
Just as his soldier finished speaking, there appears a group of people riding on horses approaching their direction, the leader in the front is a lady wearing all white, smiling and rode her horse toward him.

Xinger's sisters and maid (they were with YWY at this point) ran up to reunite with her, happily holding her hand and chatting excitedly.  YWY did not move, he stayed in place coldly looking at the girls holding and touching Xinger's hands, grinding his teeth...(I told you YWY gets jealous at anyone who looks at Xinger, let alone touch her even if it's her sisters and other females lol)...

Finally Xinger sees the fire in someone's angry eyes, the someone she hasn't seen in a long time.  Xinger smiled and walked toward that person with her hands raised in the air, yelled: "I surrender!!  This is the last time!!  I promise!!"

YWY wants to punish that somebody a little bit, raised his hand up but doesn't know where it should land, looking at this defenseless person here feeling a bit awkward, YWY can only angrily ask: "what are you doing??  Why not block me??"

Xinger opened her eyes, pout her lips to appear more pitiful: "I'm accepting my punishment."

YWY (stared at Xinger): you know that you're wrong?
YWY ignored all those glaring looks from his soldiers and employees, raised his hand and pinched both of Xinger's cheeks, lowered his voice and asked "you dared not answer my letters, you've gotten braver right?"
Xinger answered defensively "I was busy!!"
YWY: busy to reply to my letters, yet you had time to burn my letters??
Xinger (looked up and continued to defend herself): if I didn't pretend to suffer like that, I wouldn't be able to trick them into believing me so I can carry out my plans.
YWY: so you tricked your own maid as well?  Are you sure you never had that thought, absolutely did not change your mind at the last minute because you felt guilty?
Frustrated, Xinger replied "how could that be?  I am someone who is determined."  Then looked around for someone to side with her, but discovered that everyone has turned their backs on her at this moment, even nodding repeatedly in agreement.  Xinger glared at them and then turned back to this master who will give her food and shelter later, pleaded "don't believe them, my determination to fight for freedom is above all of theirs."
YWY rolled his eyes at her, snapped back "fine, let's just say you turned around in time, otherwise I would bring my whole army to beat down Xiao Ce's home to see if you would still become someone's empress or whatever."
Xinger thought to herself "keep bragging, see if you could do it."  :)
Even though she laughed at YWY inside, outside she politely agreed with him "I told you that's not it.  I'm someone who keeps promises, never betray."
With these words YWY calmed his anger...

Then came a long and loud cry of a baby from Xinger's horse carriage.  Xinger ran over to the carriage and carried out an infant.

YWY (coldly asks): what is this?
Xinger (coolly looks at YWY): a baby.
YWY: I know.  Whose baby?
Xinger: Xiao Ce's son.

The baby kept crying and everyone scrambled to help.  Xinger asks "why is it like this?  why is he crying so much??"  Then she turned to YWY and asks "maybe the baby hates you??"
YWY went pale with anger and snapped back "why does he hate me?"
Xinger: can you move away a little bit?
YWY (cannot accept this strange turn of events): why?  I didn't do anything to him??
Xinger: there are some people who has a bad vibe toward babies, maybe you are that type.
Xinger's sister then jumped in and says "that's right brother-in-law, maybe the baby is scared of you that's why it's crying."
Yue Qi: how can that be?  Our master looks approachable...
In the end, YWY had to accept these strange transgressions and moved away from the baby.
YWY sat on a big rock far from the group, looking over at all those people fumbling over the baby, mumbling to himself "this little bastard, just like your dad."

A while later, Xinger happily ran up and sat next to YWY.
Xinger wrapped her hand around YWY's, put her head on his shoulder, let out a long sigh and said "it's finally finished."
YWY: tired?
Xinger: still ok.  However, I was afraid that you would be worried so I had tried to get here as quick as possible.
YWY (still mad): why didn't you read my letters?
Xinger: I didn't know if I would succeed.  At the time I didn't have enough confidence in myself, afraid I would fail, afraid if I read your letters I would lose my determination and courage and couldn't continue.
Xinger (smiling brightly): you are the weakness in my heart, the reason I wouldn't be able to be strong.
YWY (looks at Xinger with peace in his eyes, puts his arm around her waist, sweetly says): when next to me you don't need to be strong.
YWY bent down and kissed her lips.
Xinger's sister saw and yelled "Oy!!  How embarrassing!!"

Fall wind sweeping through, Xinger remembered YWY's last words "remember, I'm still waiting"...Xinger thought to herself "I'm waiting for you...I'm waiting for you...waiting forever for you"...
Xinger: YWY, why didn't you come into the city?  At that time I wore an extremely gorgeous gown!!"  (Xinger was referring to her coronation day here when she was on her way to take over the throne of Liang state).
YWY: just wait, in the future I will let you wear an even more gorgeous gown.  (aww he means her wedding gown!!)
Xinger: remember to keep your promise.
YWY: of course.
Xinger: good!!



Chapter 180: Wedding Night
See my previous summary for this part here:

Chapter 181: Indecent Exposure

Give me a bit of time to complete this as I'm going back and rereading the chapters to give you more accurate dialogs and conversations in these parts...but I'm actively working on this now...:)
OMG. so excited now. can't hold my excitement. thank you thank you
hahaha @Sey keep checking back since I will be saving periodically because MyDramaList has lost my comments/posts before so I had to retype everything which is frustrating so that's why I'll continue to post updates as I type in small parts...:)
awe!! sorry. anyway, I'll live for your comments. I can't stop smiling. I really appreciate you spending time to do this. 
aww thanks for the sweet words...I'm happy yall can share this beautiful love story of Xinger-YWY story with me...actually it also helps me to do these summaries too so I can go back and read them as well without scanning through the novel...:)
OMG!!! Holding in my excitement!!!!!! Ahhhhh I can't wait!!!!!
@SueLee, did you know you're pretty popular on Princess Agents Facebook page? People took picture of the reunion discussion post and post it up there. It gave many fans closure! Your a life saver!  
hahaha really??  Send me link I want to see what they're saying!!  :)
my heart is melting. How can they be so sweet to each other? I guess after that ice lake thing, Xinger really really can't afford to lose him again. Such a romantic story. I can't have enough of this. my blood sugar will rise after I finish reading this. lol
omg @Sey there's more sweeter moments!!  That's why I'm super pissed at the production company for not even using any bit of these!!  :)
ohmy! really????? May you please do more of their sweet moments? I love this drama, all of it, but as of right now, I only want their moments together, nothing else matter anymore. I mean if you have the time, can you please please share those moments with us fans that are not able to read chines or vietnamese?
Sure @Sey!!  That's why I love the character YWY so much...he's really someone who's cold on the outside but so warm on the inside...did you know he adopted Mo-er and raised him all those years before Xinger returned to him??  They make a really cute family later too where they have their biological kids and their adopted kids and they love and treat all of them the same as if they were their a brady bunch family!!  :)

It's funny...there's a scene in the book later where Mo-er was brought to Xinger when she first returned with YWY and here's their exchange.
Mo-er: sister, are you going to marry my father?
Xinger: who's your father??
Mo-er: my father is the king of Qing Hai, Yu Wen Yue. 
Wow! Thank you!!! I can't wait to read the summaries you're going to give us about this. You've done such a greatd job already, giving us comfort and happiness through your work. I don't know what to say to express how thankful I am.
Thank you so much. I love him too and love his faithfulness to Xinger. It was sad that he was raised to be so lonely that his grandfather even told him that he doesn't belong to anyone. Well, he now  belongs to the one and only Xinger now. Take that Grandfather!
no i didn't, the drama only showed us that YWY didn't want to abandon Mo-er, but didn't tell us that he adopted him. Awe, i remembered the scene when all three of them going to bed, and Mo-er said something about him couldn't sleep with his parents because his father had to do something with the mother. that cracked me up so bad. Even YWY choked on his water, and Xinger smiled and stared at him. that was such a cute family time for YWY.