Okay i have seen these :

Maid sama

Black prince and wolf girl

Special A

Ouran highschool club

Peach girl

Hana yori dango

I want to watch something where guy is a bit of bully or tease or cold-ish or popular who falls first or where guy is smitten or obsessed by female lead and female lead is pretty headstrong and not a weakling. I like when female lead can stand up for herself and is  headstrong.

Thank you. ^^

Comes to mind only "Tonari no kaibutsu-kun"... it's cute and there's a movie version coming out this year.

Kimi ni Todoke.. very cute, the boy is super popular and the girl is very timid and very... well I wouldn't say weak but "fragile" would be the correct word..but she tries her best to be more social and confident I honestly love her character and the male lead falls in love first.... I really reccomend this it's super cute! 

Toradora is a great one too the relationship between the two leads is very sweet. And the girl is strong yet fragile and is nicknamed "Tiger" because she's fierce.

Honestly most shoujos in anime always have a female lead that's very weak, cries most of the time and can't do anything by herself which I honestly can't tolerate. If you want a really good shoujo/romcom  with a headstrong female lead then I suggest you start reading mangas as the best shoujos unfortunately don't have any anime adaptation. 

Here are some great manga believe me you won't regret reading. 

Takane to hana

Last game

Taiyou no ie /House of the sun

Kiss yori mo hayaku / Faster than a Kiss

Ookami heika no hanayome / Wolf King bride

Dengeki daisy

Love so Life

Kimi ni todoke (since the anime only has 2 seasons)

I recommend:

-Say I love you

-Ao haru ride



Persona 4 & 5 The Animation

Sailor Moon

Kill la Kill

Little Witch Academia