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Any suggestions c-drama like that? 

currently airing...The King's Woman will suck you right in.    
Love Me If You Dare
Memory Lost
Mysterious Summer
A Different Kind of Pretty Man
Nirvana in Fire
Battle of chansa
Ten miles of Peach Blossoms/eternal love
The disguiser
Love O2O
BuBu jingxin
Loving never forgetting
across the ocean to see you
Ode to Joy
When a Snail Falls in love
you are my sunshine

Taiwan dramas: Meteor garde, Autumn concerto, In time with you, fated to love you, fierce wife, black and white, sunny happiness, love now, mars
Eternal Love 
Mainland cdramas:
Nirvana in fire
Eternal love
scarlet heart
love me if you dare
Princess agents
the imperial doctress
My sunshine 
Ode to joy 
Empress of china
Sound of the desert
Princess weiyoung
Prince of lan ling
ice fantasy
Battle of. changsha

Taiwanese : devil beside you
Adaptations of Jin Yong's books are generally good. Also, Nirvana in Fire and Ode To Joy
nirvana in fire
in my opinion has a solid storyline
Some of my favorite:
Nirvana on Fire
10 Miles of Peach Blossom
Prince of Lanling
Scarlet Heart (Chinese version)
Sounds of the Desert

I'm currently watching Lost Love in Times, it has a good storyline so far. The sucky part is that not all the episodes are out yet, well the subbed ones are more behind than unsubbed too.