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The costume romance drama "#Spring Flower Disgust#" is adapted from Heiyan's novel of the same name
Producer: Youku, Curiosity Pictures, Perfect World Film and Television
Screenwriter: Wen Yan, Yang Xiaohan and other
directors: Cheng Zheng, Huang Weijie
Starring: @吴谨言 @Mr_ Liu Xueyi

[Synopsis (30 episodes)]
Murong Jinghe, the prince of Dayan, led the Weibei Army to recover the lost territory in Qingzhou, but after entering the city, Qingzhou burst into flames. It is rumored in the city that Murong Jing and this Weibei general have a grudge against the people of Qingzhou for betraying Dayan, so after entering the city, they gave the order to set fire to the city, and he also changed from the Weibei general of the righteous army to the general Tu who everyone shouted to kill. Meilin, a girl from Qingzhou who lost her loved ones in the fire, has since vowed to be the culprit of slaughtering the city.
Meilin entered the secret organization dark factory, took the poison of the ink vein and became a dead soldier, and after eight years of brutal training, she ushered in her first assassination mission, and this mission was to assassinate her benege who wanted to claim her life day and night - Murong Jinghe, the prince of Great Yan. So, under the arrangement of the dark factory, Mei Lin became one of the hundred Xiyan beauties who entered Yan and kissed Xiyan, waiting for the opportunity to assassinate Murong Jinghe, but what Mei Lin didn't know was that the owner of the dark factory who planned to assassinate the assassination behind the scenes was Murong Jing himself...
Long picture
Hunan people work in Guangzhou

This drama obviously revolves around the male lead, and the male protagonist is a gamer.
Buddha is a fish yyy

The male protagonist is looking for someone to kill him? ? ?

It's a story about a couple who fall in love (but their love is full of conflict). He is a prince obsessed with achieving justice for his own family (And he wants to sit on the king's throne.). And in this attempt he has no qualms about using people for this greater interest. He meets this girl, this warrior, who he secretly paid for her training (she has martial powers). She doesn't know that he secretly trained her (that he is her ruler). She has a lot of strength of spirit, courage and mercy. He's going to need her help.
He has an illness caused in him by his enemies. However, she is poisoned (she is also sick), but he was the one who caused it and she doesn't know. But even when she finds out, she continues to want the best for him and will act to help him get a cure for his illness. (but there will be misunderstandings in this story. He will think that she betrayed him, but she is trying to save his life. He, at a certain point, will think that she died. (And then there is the most famous scene in the book, which is in beginning of the novel, something that happens later on: he goes to her (supposed tomb) and takes her corpse (which he thinks is hers), (And he even carries her corpse.), in despair because he thinks she died.
There is a lot of intrigue in this story and martial fights, and war (and their love in the middle of it all). In the end they stay together. But Chinese audiences tend to hate characters like that (wishing there is no happy ending). But... I really want them to keep it as in the book, for there to be a happy ending. I love this conflicting couple, but who, at the end of the day, will be loyal to the love that unites them.
He will probably look like this character. A little.

(The character Luo Zi Shang (by Liu Xue Yi) must have been the reason they chose him for this role in "Kill me, love me".)

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In chinese name spring flowers or peach blossom name given to her for this mission Mei Lin otherwise in the assassination organization they were given Name by number 43.
She was sent as a bride maid dowry. Before her mission she was fed poison to prevent the assassin to betray the organization and her marshall art has been locked.
The ML role is he is the third prince and useless prince his father dislike him. He has been liking the female general since childhood but she keeps rejecting him.
The FL save the prince many time.
They is a twist the the prince own the assassination organization and she is the slave under him.

(Fan comments:)????????????????????????

1- Just choose my flowers
11-2 The number of likes exceeded 10 for the Spring Flower Disgusting Super Talk TV series
The TV series is tired of spring flowers#Spring Flower Tiredness# Moved, did anyone discuss? The plot has been changed a little, but the famous abuse scenes are still there, and the changes make people understand a little ~ The male protagonist has a motive, and the female protagonist ? also has her own temperament and is no longer harmed.

2-willing, shiny
Is it different from the previous one?
Just you pick my flowers: No, the male and female protagonists have not changed, and there is an additional plot synopsis
11-1 11:03 From Hebei

3-Hehe 1258012138
It's quite emotional. But will it test the actor's ability to understand the plot too much. It also tests the director's ability to tell the play, and the plot is a bit entangled.
Just pick my flowers: The character of the male protagonist must have good acting skills and deepened beauty, otherwise it's really hard to say[miado miado]
11-2 14:14 From Shaanxi

4-Ninety-nine stations away
That's what makes it interesting, I like it so much[太开心]
Just pick my flowers: I think it's good, too

5-Mango and pineapple Yakult
It's good.,The male owner wants revenge and power.,The female owner wants freedom.,It's all achieved.,It's also a different sense of he.
Just you pick my flowers: Hahahaha The male protagonist wants feelings and power, but he can only choose one of the two, I think it's good!
11-2 02:22 From Canada3

6-The icing on the cake
In the play, it was changed here, poison and dumb, for the sake of the overall situation, in order to protect the heroine's life, so it is reasonable to change it
Just pick my flowers: plain, 10,000 times better than in the book!
14 hours ago From Hebei3

7-The small tail of the sub-merchant
be, reasonable! Please shoot like this, I can!
Just pick my flowers: ?

Lee_Liu  2 months ago春花厌-❀宠妾要潜逃-chun-hua-yan-chong-qie-yao-qian-tao/ it(kill me, love me)

eliteles1  2 months ago
I consider this plot to be very good and exciting. I believe this will lead to great drama. And I want them to keep the happy ending. I loved.

PS: I had already read most of the novel (but there is still a third of the novel left for me to read. I had already read other summaries and comments about the story.

Lee_Liu  2 months ago
I am this novel reading at the present. Did you read the another novel the double the plot is good.
(shooting Reuters) Murong JIng, tired of drinking , a decadent and handsome man !

(Another synopsis delivered by fans:)- In fact, it's the same plot, just adding more elements.

Snow White loves to drink Yakult
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#刘学义春花厌# [好爱哦]#Liu Xueyi, Murong Jing and #
Introduction to pants appointment:
The three kingdoms of Dayan, Xiyan and South Vietnam fought for many years, and the Weibei army led by Murong Jinghe, the prince of Dayan, who had excellent combat strength, severely damaged the Western Yan army, and returned to the court in triumph to receive a reward, was betrayed the marching route, was framed, caught off guard, and the whole army was annihilated. The court is treacherous, and the dark tide is surging. As the center of the whirlpool, Jing He has never given up investigating the truth of the incident, finding out who is behind the scenes, and comforting the heroic souls of the fallen soldiers. Dead Warrior Meilin became the only "dead chess" in the chessboard of Jing and revenge. Although Meilin is a dead soldier, she has a tenacious will to survive, and in order to get out of the dark factory, she and Jinghe launched a whirlwind struggle. Jinghe has made the ultimate use from the beginning, and gradually found his sincerity. Meilin went from ignorance at the beginning to the beginning of love. In the confrontation between the "chess player and the chess piece", the two have a deep self-inflicted suffering relationship, and they can't love each other.

The pig leaves its coat OO
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#Chunhua weariness#
Liu Xueyi participated in the spring flower disgust boot banquet Reuters!![打call][打call]
But there will still be an official launch ceremony tomorrow, the 28th.
That's why the names of the other actors have not yet been officially released.

Wow, I am waiting for this.   Thank you everyone for this thread


Wow, I am waiting for this.   Thank you everyone for this thread

Welcome !



Welcome ! 

Good start to filming for the drama.