Murong Jing (in the rain), moving video. (Behind the scenes).

Here, she is dancing and with a transparent veil on her face.
The heroine, Meilin, so beautiful. Video in motion. (behind the scenes)
And now, the heroine, in her beautiful black dress.
Another moment of concentration for the heroine.
What happens after the duel of glances. (behind the scenes)
The imposing strategist, Murong Jing (behind the scenes)
The handsome young man, Murong Jing, dressed for wedding. (behind the scenes)
(With the video image with corrected framing).⬆️⬆️Dressed for wedding,⬆️

Ning Caichen who took the picture
2 minutes ago from Star Chasing Proxy Auction Peripheral Transit Super Talk
Star chasing on behalf of the surrounding transfer Liu Xueyi and Wu Jinyan quarreled today, and Wu Jinyan slapped Liu Xueyi's ear. Liu Xueyi stared at the big eyes and couldn't believe it, Wu Jinyan dared to hit him. There was a brief silence and then it suddenly erupted. Pick up the pots and pans on the table and smash them on the ground. Tear off the curtains, sheets, and quilt covers. Then he rushed out of the pond in the yard and was about to jump into it and kill himself. As a result, the water just flooded the feet and necks. Seeing that the personal guards didn't even stop him. He climbed out of the pond and took a few steps back, one lunging, one head on the back of his personal guard. Push the guards into the pond. Then he lay on the ground and rolled on his legs.
PS: Why is he sad here? Still under the shadow of the scene?
The handsome young man in red. New viewing angle. (behind the scenes).
The beautiful girl in her yellow dress and her transparent veil on her face. (behind the scenes)
The handsome young man in red. New viewing angle. (behind the scenes).
The beautiful girl in her yellow dress and her transparent veil on her face. (behind the scenes)
Yue Qin bowing. (behind the scenes).🔍🌻🌼
Yue Qing and Mei Lin (at a ceremonial entrance).🌼🌹🌻
Murong Jing, costumes, photo slides.
Huang Ri Ying, Zi Gu princess (makeup).🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃
He is Murong Jing, but he is Liu Xue Yi, the fun, young prankster.
Meilin and Yue Qing (Murong Jing's rival), under an umbrella.
More interactions between Mei Lin and the male protagonist's rival.

Ning Caichen who took the photo
10 hours ago from Star Chaser Peripheral Transit Super Talk Auction
Star chasing in the name of surrounding transfer
Today, Liu Xueyi dreamed that he was the emperor. he went hunting and fell into a big pit, and a scarred villain appeared in the pit, and told Liu Xueyi that today is his time to die. Liu Xueyi said that you can let me scream three times, and then scold me after shouting three times. The wicked say yes. Liu Xueyi shouted at the top of her voice who will save me, who will save me, who will save! Suddenly, a young woman in golden armor appeared, covered in golden light. she killed the wicked one with one move, and then lifted Liu Xueyi out of the pit with the back of Liu Xueyi's neck. Liu Xueyi came out of the well and saw that this young female gold-armored general Ying Mengxianchen turned out to be the female general Zhao Xiaotang. Liu Xueyi said that he wanted to crown Zhao Xiaotang as the generalissimo of soldiers and horses that day, the first invincible woman in the universe.
Mei Lin, in her pink dress, protected by Yue Qing's umbrella. (Where are you, Murong Jing? Are you being protected by the female general, Luo Mei?)