Guys I want to know your expectations for the drama "Doctor Slump".

Very high for me...I cannot imagine a bad drama like this with park shin hye

Have high expectations because of PHS

I wanna see how their relationship affects the long-term friendship they had since childhood.

I expect these two to pick up from where they left it years ago when they were too young and too busy to have a relationship of any kind. Now, fully matured, they will be able to support and encourage each other and rivalry could develop into something ...romantic ? I have to wait until tomorrow evening - Netflix can be so cruel sometimes - can't they release two episodes at the same time ?! - :)

Expectations are higher, as they are two biggest hallyu stars of Korean Industry. I have no doubt on their acting skills, but I hope script do them justice.  

Really high!! Especially since the casting is PHS and PSH, who both have such great filmography! The expectations went even higher after watching the first episodes cuz WOW!!