Have you ever wondered whether a drama or movie you've dropped should be given a second chance? Well here's a thread where we offer a different opinion/recommendation from each other's dropped list. Just have a look at the above user's dropped list (& On-hold list) and offer suggestions on which dramas should be given a second chance. If there's none, then the list is perfect :) I'm looking forward to seeing this! 

Update: Some people may not have that much on their dropped list so let's also include On-hold list too!
I like this forum topic and it sounds fun! Let's see how it goes~

Looking at your list, I can't tell you to give anything a second chance. Your list of dropped dramas include either dramas I've seen and found disappointing (e.g Yong Pal; I also put Goodbye Mr. Black on hold) or ones I haven't seen and don't exactly plan on seeing. So...good job dropping them? :P
I'm actually thinking of the same thread!

@Fortuna: since I cant pick from your dropped list, I would recommend Bloody Monday and Kazoku Game from your on hold list instead :) These are two very compelling dramas for me
To get this thread moving along, I'm going to reply :) I'm not much of a Japanese drama watcher so I can't comment much of your On-hold/dropped lists, however I do recognise Code Blue. I heard it's a highly recommended medical drama and according to some of my friends, Code Blue 2 was much better than the first. Perhaps that one is worth giving another try?

I think you MUST give mask another chance, this is my best drama in 2015.


because it's one of my fave crime dramas, I'll suggest that you give missing noir m another shot!

restart Reply 1994! I love this drama!! You already saw more than half. Also that you can complete the saga. And I suggest you continue to enjoy that nostalgia. ;)
Give Rooftop Prince another try :)
I haven't seen any of the dramas u dropped :/
I can understand the others in your dropped list, but one drama in my opinion deserves a second chance - Reply 1997! It's one of my favourite dramas and given you've only completed 3 episodes I'd say give it more episodes before deciding. The reply series are really good :)
Yeah I also thought I should give this drama a second chance because it's loved by so many ppl. But Eunji (screaming) annoyed me. Also I couldn't get into it (this fangirling about this band I just couldn't understand it). 

I think you should get Jealousy Incarnate a second chance because it actually gets really good! You really have to see ep 5 and 6! It gets better

You seem to drop dramas you've seen more than half of; I tend to just finish them at that point, lol.

Well, I was going to say give Beautiful Mind another chance (if you're into that kind of psychological genre) but you've apparently dropped it after completing it...? o.O
Yeah, well, sometimes I give them a chance but if they bored the hell out of me I drop them. I don't want to waste my time (many hours) just to complete a drama I don't like. I want to watch a drama that I enjoy and I've quite a lot that I want to watch so yeah.
I just couldn't finish the last episode of BM lmao I was bored to death srlsy xD I tried to watch the last episode again but I just couldn't. I couldn't focus on the drama at all. Actually I'm not into medical dramas. I don't like them and there were a lot of medical scenes and I only watched it because of the main couple and the lead.

I think you can drop White Christmas. Idk it was boring af for me but everyone seems to love it. I don't even know why. There are way better dramas with this kind of concept
Out of your list, Modern Farmer is not worth your time. I finished it but was very sorry I did. Of the ones you dropped Marriage Contract is well worth a second look. Uee is very good in this and don't be put off by the premise. It was handled very well and you would be missing some great acting from the 2 leads. Morim School was a lot of fun and I enjoyed the 4 main leads. One more Happy Ending got better further into the series. And last but not least, Madame Antoine I really liked. but I am a big fan of Han Ye Seul. So if you don't like her I can understand not going back to that one. Have to mention Marriage Contract again, you really should give it another try.
@Dennis thanks, you seem to be describing my lists. Out of the ones you pointed out, I'll definitely watch Marriage Contract because I heard it's good. I actually placed that one on my On-hold list so actually haven't dropped it yet. With One More happy Ending, I did enjoy this series but that time I was super busy with uni and had to place it on hold. Now when I tried to pick up from where I left off I just couldn't get into it at all now....don't know why but it became boring for me. Moorim School I couldn't stand the bad acting and lack of plot (I've been following recaps on it...so that one I'll leave as dropped). For Madame Antoine, since I'm in a research field myself (I'm a medical science research student), MA irks me because it's unbelievably unrealistic.... that's not how a research is conducted in real life and a lot things the main lead did in there is unethical. But thanks so much for your suggestions! I'll definitely give Marriage Contract another chance :) since you don't have a dropped list, I'll go back to @Minyoung...

@Minyoung haha I didn't understand her fangirling either! Her screams I agree were rather annoying and she seems so immature! But if you look past that and give the show a chance it really is heartwarming. All the Reply seasons are so heartwarming. The main girl does get better over the course of the drama. Definitely give it another shot! As for other recommendations, if you love Yoo Seung Ho, please do give Imaginary Cat another chance - the real OTP is his relationship with his cat. It made me cry towards the end and the good thing is, this drama is a mini series so It's really short. The other drama that many people have recommended me is The Producers. I personally have not watched it yet but I hear that it gets better by episode 3-4 onwards :) with Jealously Incarnate, thanks for your suggestion, I'll go back to it after I finish O2O. I dropped it initially because I fell asleep while watching the first 3 episodes, however if it gets better by episodes 5-6 I'm willing to give it a chance ^^