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It's a very easy game but can be very entertaining and witty.

The Rules:
Each player has to respond to the previous post with a question.

1- Do you guys like cheesecake?
2- Have you ever eaten vegan cheesecake?
3- Is it still cheesecake if there's no cheese?

Let's go! :)

Do you like Kpop?
Whats your favourite kpop song ? hope i am right :D
Yep :) Can you dance to your favourite Kpop song?
How funny do you look while dancing to it? :)
How funny can one possibly be? ;)
are there really infinite possibilities?
Have you read the book about Infinite Possibilities?
How can I say that I read Infinite Possibilities?
how can i read anything?
Where can you find your favorite novel?
Do you think the library has my favorite novel?
What is your favorite novel?
What is favorite anyway?
Why are we all so biased?
Can't we have a bias ?