Kind of like the 'who do you prefer' but with dramas.

Pick two dramas that you'd like to compare and the next person chooses between the two and lists their own two dramas to compare between. (Better if they have a relationship/similarities but they don't have to)

I'll start off:

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo or Strong Woman Bo Dong Soon

Lets choose which child is my fav -_- ugh....

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon because it was one of the first kdramas I watched

Chicago Typewriter or Goblin

chicago typewriter


Meteor garden 2001 or Meteor garden 2018


100 days my prince or scarlet heart ryeo

Scarlet heart ryeo 

Suspicious partner or K2

Suspicious Partner

The Guest or Priest

The guest 

Empress Ki or Scarlet heart(Korean version)

Scarlet Heart

Memories of Alhambra or Encounter

Memories of Alhambra 

Hello Monster or Kill Me Heal Me 

Hello Monster

Mad Dog or Lookout/The Guardians

mad dog

kill me heal me or something in the rain?

Kill me heal me

My ID is Gangnam Beauty or Lucky Romance

gangnam beauty

she was pretty or its okay thats love?

She was Pretty

My Mister or Another Miss Oh

My Mister

My love from the stars or Legend of the deep blue sea