First poster states a drama, second poster rates the drama that first person stated, and states a drama of their own, third person rates the drama that the second person stated, and states a drama of their own. (E.G. Post 1: Protect the Boss, Korean Reply 1: 7/10. Hana Kimi, Japanese Reply 2: 8/10. Autumn's Concerto, Taiwanese ETC.) NOTE: If you have not seen a drama, say that you haven't and instead rate the synopsis/ summary of it. I'll start! I Hear Your Voice, Korean
9/10 JIN, Japanese
Haven't watched yet. Based on synopsis - 8/10 IRIS, Korean
Haven't seen it though based on the synopsis I'd score it 7/10. Not particularly a genre (action) I tend to watch but the plot sounds interesting enough. The Bridal Mask/ Gaksital, Korean
7/8 You Who Came From The Star
Haven't seen it yet, I'm going to though. I'd say 9/10. Inspiring Generation (Korea)
Haven't watch 9/10 I plan to watch that now :D Hotel King
6/10,,,, boring, i dropped it Legal High 1
7.5/10. Kingyo Club, Japanese
haven't seen and from the synopsis i rate it with 6
Yong Pal (korean drama)
haven't watched it 
Since i like the actors but the story is not so enticing ill give it 7/10

It's okay , that's love
It's on my PTW list; my guess is 9/10 based on actors and synopsis.

Scent of a Woman (Korean)