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Im an XX chromosome carrier.

I've been watching dramas since 2001

My first Korean Drama is Autumn Tale

My First Japanese Drama is 1 Liter of Tears

My first Chinese/Taiwanese Drama is Lavender

I will be working on my Thai drama soon, though I have watched a Thai movie before, I forgot about it. Im too lazy to think about it. I will update when I get the vibe.

Yours truly is a sucker for anything that's psychological, crime, thriller, mysterythough I started all my dramas with melodrama.

I sometimes watch RomCom / Comedy to give myself a break from all the seriousness ㅋㅋㅋ

I seldom watch dramas/movies with sad endings, because I tend to sympathize deeply with the characters and story, like seriously, It sometimes take me a long time to get over the pain lol. So that explains why I avoid it as much as possible.

~ I take actingseriously.

~ I want to continue not dropping any drama/movies.

~I forget a lot of things so Im very happy that I found MDL.

~i love recommendations.

~feel very free to add me and let's talk about dramas and movies~!

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