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is anyone else here learning chinese??? i've been learning for 3 years but im still not very good at it hahaha ^_^; 谢谢

i am learning chinese, learnt it for about 2 years now... but not good at all ! - -
I've been learning for 2 years and half. Just understand a few basic sentences... If you understand some japanese it helps to remember at least the meaning of the characters.
Even though the grammar is not very complicated, learning the vocabulary is difficult!
I've been learning it since I was 6 so that's 11 years of exams and 13 years of usage and I'm still bad at it. Don't worry, it's a difficult subject to learn 加油不要放弃. sadly I only managed to put my chinese to good use after I finished the 11 years education since I could watch shows in chinese subs since they're faster subbers. Too bad it takes a longer processing time for me HAHA
I'm in my second year of chinese at uni. Needless to say, still hopeless.;) Could you recommend what's the best show/drama for learning?
I'm a third Chinese but I was born in Australia so English is my most fluent language. I used to take Chinese classes when I was younger for around 3 years and I'm still hopeless, only know a few phrases here and there lol forgot most of them
been learning since i was 3-4yrs old and im 14 now so 10yrs-ishh. and im still pretty bad at it XD well since im from hong kong and its kinda mandatory to learn mandarin but ye... 加油~
I have been studying it for 1.5 years now and imo it's still lacking :D
I guess it simply takes time to learn all these vocabs!
I've been learning for 4 years now. Love it!
Oh so many people here! I've been learning for 4 years now, and i'm not as good as I should be! But watching cdramas help a lot, I found myself understanding more than what I first thought I would understand.

PS : Don't you guys think it should be awesome to have a discussion in chinese (on some app) ? :)
I think if we know alot of the vocabularies then we should be able to get most of the things down and understand it better.
And I agree with you, if possible we should make a discussion group in chinese , which app do you use?
I've been learning for 2 years now, and I plan to go to China... 
I like the discussion group idea!
Which app do you guys use in your country? Let's talk and help each other :)
In my country we usually use whatsapp, but I also have WeChat...
I also use wechat as well. 
Because chinese people usually use wechat, so I think people here who are learning Chinese also should have that right?
We can make a wechat discussion group if you like~ 
I used to self-study back when I was in college... I also had classmates who would teach me since they've been learning the language since childhood. When I got into Eun Jiwon, there wasn't much fan community for him internationally, so I went to his baidu forum and got to interact with a few really sweet fans with my very limited chinese XD When I didn't know a single thing about Korean, I would try to watch his shows with Chinese subs instead.

But then I started self-studying Korean and mainly watching korean stuff so I have forgotten a huge portion of what I learned.What's fun though is when I started learning Korean, I began to realize how many Korean words originated from Chinese and I give myself a pat everytime I recognize a vocabulary word with similarity from both languages.
I don't know when is the exact date I learnt Chinese. I've learn it indirectly from dramas and movies. Now I want to directly study it's characters, but I dont know where to start. Any tips?