I notice that the Philippines and Italy have that in common- their cinema seems to show adultery in a positive light. Ironic, since they are both catholic countries.

I think one way of dealing with that on film is to at least show the cheater (the married man) punished for his actions and maybe repent his ways. They don’t even show that in the script. In ‘Etiquette for Mistresses’  one of cheaters was even portrayed like some kind of saint. When he had a heart attack, story shows him in hiding with his mistress. The wife and daughter didnt know where he was and they were really worried about him- the script made it seem like it was their fault, and that he was this poor little victim entrapped by marriage.

Religion or not, it’s not right for these scripts to keep portraying this cheating men as if they didn’t do anything wrong. I honestly don’t know why such movies even get made but well, there you have it.  

For the record, i don’t think this means that filipinos cheat more than others- i believe it’s the same everywhere (korea, japan, the usa, etc) i just don’t like the way it’s treated on script. I wish these writers would come up with better ideas.