Hi! Just want to hear your thoughts on Filipino Drama? In comparison to Japanese, Taiwanese, Chinese Dramas, I think our dramas isn't really that loved by the asian people.  Even we Filipinos, in our watchlist most dramas are not filipino drama.

What do you think?

Well, really to be honest, storylines of Filipino dramas are really hard to keep track, it runs fifty to hundreds of episodes... But Filipino movies are an exception!

PS. It might not be available in streaming because TV networks in PH always takes the videos down, maybe that's why.

Hi Queenjr!

Thanks for sharing your view.

Yes I agree, our dramas are long and some predictable. However, I really want our dramas to be appreciated too by other nationalities, just like how we like their dramas.. 

I hope they will also have some strong dramas that tackle culture and sensitive topics, like Korea's "Pinocchio" that tackles media have you seen that one? or "My Husband Got a Family" which tackles family traditions against modern belief. I really wish we have those kind of dramas.

and yeah, TV networks really doesn't want their dramas readily available in public, maybe loss of profit they deem?

Filipino dramas tend to be directed toward a more older female audience which myself being a young male doesn't really appeal to us and it's not supposed to obviously which I don't mind but it is a loss of viewership.

But they have recently started to showcase their power teen couples to bring in the youth demographic but it's still the same soapy stories which tend to be very long and somewhat boring especially during the middle parts which often take months to complete.

Filipino movies on the other hand are definitely on the up, aside from the usual cheesy rom-coms. There's been a lot more risque, thought provoking and better produced films coming out of the area in the last 3-5 years. 

So I'm hoping with the recent success on the movie side of things, it would trickle or spread toward the television route but it's really tough to say. TV Production value has always been an issue to me. It looks and sounds really cheap like handheld camcorder quality so small budgets are more likely the cause of blame.

I do think the current political environment also has a lot to with what is being shown.  The shows on now are very similar if not the same as the ones shown before, with just a few tweaks here and there which tells me that creativity isn't being embraced as much as opposed to just staying with the status quo.

Where does this lead to? I'm not sure. It be nice to think that maybe one day an original Filipino drama the likes of Healer or Signal would breakout and signal positive change but then again, maybe the older crowd wouldn't want it.

We can only hope though.

What turns me off from Philippine TV dramas are (1) their numerous but extremely short episodes, (2) lack of coherence, and (3) cliched and unrealistic elements. And these could also be the reasons why our dramas are not appreciated by other countries.

It's obvious we still follow the pattern of Latin American telenovelas. These short episodes usually do not tell a standalone story on their own. You have to piece several short episodes together to see a single plot line, and I do not have the patience for that.  

Many Philippine dramas also fall victim to their lack of coherence. Take Inday Will Always Love You, for example. It started with the premise that Happylou is a simple girl who moves to Cebu and will fall in love with her boss, Patrick (very cliched plot btw). The show was quite interesting because it promised to explore the Cebuano culture, which is uncommon in Philippine dramas since most of our shows are set in the capital.  However, all of those are not the focus of the show now; it now focuses on the struggles of Happylou and her family in the hands of Amanda. The Cebuano culture exploration? Forgotten for the sake of repeating the cliched drama of a rich woman terrorizing the girl who loves her son.

Latin American telenovelas also influenced the kinds of plot elements that most Philippine dramas have, and most of them are cliched and unrealistic. The cliched villainous woman who's rich and has goons, which we adopted from Latin American telenovelas, is so tiring already, but the trope still appears in many of our dramas (see example above) because it's an easy way to put conflict, which screams LAZY to me. Most of the plots, too, are unrealistic, which makes me feel detached from them, and as a viewer, it is important for me to relate to the story. While I do not expect our shows to feature LGBT+ leads that I could relate with, even our hetero leads are hard to relate with. Do you know a girl terrorized by her boyfriend's mother?  

I see some shows trying to break the norm, but most are unsuccessful given the country's political climate and the viewers' non-acceptance of change.