Hi everyone ,,, What do you think about "Healer" ,,, is it awesome drama series?
I enjoyed watching Healer. I just think the drama was slow in the begining but besides that its DAEBAK!!!
DAEBAK ?? what does it mean ?? 
Daebak means amazing =)) If u like action with romance healer is the best of that genre xD
woww ,,, thank you ,,,  :)
Absolutely Amazing (it has been about a year and I can't find anything that defines Awesomeness better than Healer Did).
Healer was my first drama and it got me into Kdramas. After I finished it I was kinda concerned that I couldn't find another drama that could be on that level, so yeah it was pretty awesome
Definitely the best! I've never regretted the time I spent on watching Healer, not even a second. I've re-watched this a lot and it never gets boring for me. Love everything about it.