I know many people are here for BL but I honestly like this show for how Shady everyone is lol they are all trying to get those two spots and doing what they need to and it’s so funny to me because I low key live for the shade. I Know the ratings are low but I think it is because with the huge cast of Guys everyone was expecting a BL hotel Love-fest. What do you all think ? 

I agree. I think it's pretty good so far and I wish everyone would stop criticizing it. I'm really enjoying it and honestly I don't care if there's Bl or not (although I would love it if there was lol) It's plenty good all on its own

It's a pretty decent show, I think it gets better each week with the new episodes and I do tend to watch a lot of BL but even if I do pick up a show without any BL, I still find plenty of ways to enjoy it. I honestly believe it's supposed to just be a light-hearted show and nothing serious as people are only being so harsh to it because they want it to live up to what 2Moons was and I don't believe it was supposed to be anything like 2Moons. xD