I loved Discovery of Romance and emergency couple. 

I'm looking for more drams where the girl is in a relationship with it has a new love interest and the ex boyfriend comes in the picture.  

Thank you! 

If you mean she gets back with her ex then tjese ones 

✔️ Cunning Single Lady 

✔️ Mistresses ( haven't seen the korean but watched the American and British versions) 

✔️ My Secret Hotel ( I prefered Nam Goong Min) 

✔️ Go Back Couple 

childood friends who never dated in past but who liked each other and met again in present 

✔️ She Was Pretty

✔️ 15 Years Waiting for Migratory Birds 

✔️ Fight My Way ( not my favorite show) 

Not necessarily get back with the ex but love triangle with the ex. But thank you :) I love My secret hotel ♥️

I will check out the others :) 

2guys-1girl love triangle:

  • ML is the ex/love interest that the FL broke-up/separated with, and meets again years later. Plus there is a new man in girls life or girl is liked by some other guy (2nd chance love): 
    • Cunning single ladies
    • My secret hotel
    • Get karl oh sujong
    • My secret romance
    • My sunshine
    • A love so beautiful
    • I need romance
    • Will it snow for christmas
    • Fated to love you (korean and taiwam)
    • Angel Eyes
    • Temperature of love
    • Paradise ranch
    • Love story in harvard
    • Green Rose
    • What if there is some amnesia involve, thus one of the MC, doesnt remember the other: 
      • autumn concerto,
      • save the last dance for me, 
      • winter sonata
      • my love eundong
      • Autumn Concerto

  • But other scenario is: ML is the new guy in FLs life and they are in a good romantic relationship, but old flame/ex-BF of the girl enters the picture...
    • Witch's romance
    • My Queen
    • My sunshine
    • Goho's starry night
    • Lovers in prague
    • Witch Yohee
    • Pride
    • Chronicles of Life
    • Twenty again
    • Corner with Love
    • Inborn Pair
    • Others:
      • hundred years inheritance
      • happy home

Thank you ♥️♥️