Do you know any kind of Japanese actors or actress who are Half-Japanese and Half-Foreign.

Here is mine:

Shota Matsuda (Half-Japanese, Half-Korean)

Yu Shirota (Half-Japanese, Half-Spanish)

Meisa Kuroki (Half-Japanese, Half-Brazilian)

Marius Yo, member of the Sexy Zone (Half-Japanese, Half-Chinese, Half-German)

shota matsuda (+ his brother ryuhei) is quarter zainichi, not half,  from his grandmother of the father's side

idk what the point of your obsession but some that i remember:

Mitsushima's sibling - quarter french

tadanobu asano - quarter American, with european decent

erika sawajiri - half algerian

anna tsuchiya - half american, european descent

reina trendl - half german

saito asuka (of nogizaka46) - half burmese

becky (tv personality) - half english

rola (tv personality) - half bangladeshi

kiko mizuhara - more like half american, half zainichi korean -count by ethnicity-

kaela kimura (singer) - half english

elaiza ikeda - half filipino

takeshi kaneshiro - half taiwan

Because I'm watching 5-ji Kara 9-ji Made (2015)

Mocomichi Hayami is a Japanese actor and model born August 10, 1984 in Shibuya to a Japanese father and Filipino mother.

Hideo Muraoka-absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous, male model.

nakajo ayami - jap and brit

  • Kim Jae Wook (Korean and Japanese) 
  • Kang Nam (Korean and Japanese)
  • Arisa Yagi (Japanese and French)

I watch old episodes of "Shojiki Sampo" with Ariyoshi Hiroiki weekly on local Japanese cable TV. One of the frequent guests is Takizawa Karen. I guess it is/was good exposure for her beyond the modeling gigs but man she could use more pep in her step.

One of the ongoing gags is Ariyoshi making like she's an out-of-it foreigner visiting Tokyo for the first time in her life:

This episode was from April 2017 and was maybe the fifth or sixth time he jabbed like this at her. Takizawa, born and raised in Tokyo, smiled through the entire bit but I always got the impression that she was tired of it immediately.

I recently watched a drama called "Toki wo Kakeru Band." One of the band members was played by a gal named Nagai Mijika. Her character was scatterbrained and corny but what I was wondering the entire time was her parentage. NO WAY she was full Japanese amirite?!!

A cursory web search came up with all sorts of sketchy articles but all appeared to agree that she was indeed, full Nihonjin. Color me surprised.

Kento Nakajima - half japanese half filipino

Eiji Wentz - Half Japanese, half German American

Eiji Wentz - Half Japanese and Half British

Murakami Maito Raul  (Raul from Snowman) - Venezuelan father and Japanese mother

Jesse Masaya Lewis (Jesse from SixTONES) - American father and Japanese mother

Murakami Maito Raul  (Raul from Snowman) - Venezuelan father and Japanese mother

Anne Suzuki American maternal grandfather

Hiroyuki Ikeuchi - Japanese father, Salvadoran mother

Rina Ōta - Japanese father, Russian mother

Serena Motola - Italian-American father, Japanese mother 

Mala Morgan - British father, half Japanese mother