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I'm looking for recommendations for jdramas with people who spend a lot of time in nature (doing things like hiking, gardening, or anything else like that), or who do things like grow their own herbs or collect butterflies or the like, basically where nature/the natural world is a big part of the drama or the main character. It's a bit difficult to explain. I think the closest I've got to this within jdramas is Quartet and Fuben na Benriya - where the weather and nature around the characters play a big part in their daily life even if they aren't exactly naturalists. Or even dramas set in remote places like cabins (for example Lost days, or the movie Monsters club). Any recommendations? Thanks! x

Limit ---> set in a remote place
movie:   http://mydramalist.com/14810-eien-no-bokura-sea-side-blue    All about marine life
Ceki Volunteer Staff
"Ichiko gains energy living among nature and eating foods she makes from seasonal ingredients."

Wow, thanks everyone for your suggestions! So many titles to check out now. 
Evergreen Love immediately comes to mind! I haven't watched it yet but I'm pretty sure collecting wild herbs is an important plot point!
+1 Evergreen love
Osozaki no Himawari
Wood Job! The Easy Life in Kamusari
You'll have to check this one out, it is a very refreshing movie about nature :)