Hello everyone!

As usual I don't know what I'm looking for in a drama and since the daily dramas are usually many long I would like someone else's opinions. The daily dramas are really under estimated and little watched (as well as little diffuse since many do not have subtitles or raw!).

I've seen a couple of them and I've really loved them. I'm a pretty sensible person and I can't easily see stories like Heaven's promise. I watched and really loved:

  • person who gives you happiness (9 - 9,5)
  • Angel's Revenge (10 )
  • One well raised daughter (8,5-9)
  • Come Jang Bo Ri (not a daily drama but it's a Mackjang) ( 10++)   

I'm watching Bird that doesn't cry but I'm not in the mood even if this drama is really good!

There were several interesting dramas but of course you can't find the subtitles or the raw (like 'YOUR LADY','BRIDE OF THE SUN', 'cheongdam scandal ', 'backflow' and other !)

I don't know well what I want but anyway I'd like a something about Revenge. My favorite stories are those with revenge, secrets of birth, love triangles and where the female lead  from poor becomes rich by defeating her enemies! I loveI  when the protagonist from naïve and sweet becomes strong and smart! 

I was thinking of seeing

  • Noble woman
  • You are a gift
  • Tomorrow victory
  • fabulous neighbour
  • crazy love
  • love and secret
  • unknown woman
  • yello boots (but I think it's similar to the promise)
  • you are the only one
  • lovers in bloom
  • you're only mine
  • Golden pouch
  • glass mask
  • run,jang mi
  • mother's garden
  • melody of love

Obviously if someone has other suggestions I would be happy! Please, please help me ^^ 

Watching daily dramas usually is a drag, mostly because of the episode count, as well as the WTF plots that turn so bizzare (especially from wacky makjang writer Im Sunghan, especially her last 2-3 dramas before she announced retirement). But there are some very precious hidden daily dramas out there that are a must-watch. And I understand people getting intimadated byt the long hpurs, but sometimes all of it is worth it for a good drama (lol spoken like a true kdrama addict!)

From yous list of watched and liked daily dramas, I also loved Come JangBori, that I even watch the Chinese version (Because of Meeting You), i liked person who gives happiness (super loved son seungwon there), i did drop one well raised daughter, and still havent watched angels Revenge

 anyway here are some of my recommendation:

  • Ugly Alert - awesome awesome awesome drama. This is a drama reversal roles, its the ML who is poor with a pure heart while FL is rich heiress, there is not easy path to his success but the romance, bromance and family centricness is very strong in this one.
  • Yellow Boots/Ice Adonis - definitely not like the promise even though they have the same female lead actress and avenging FL plot. And this drama is way better than the promise, 
  • Miss mermaid - very old drama thus you might have a heard time searchibg for subs, but this drama is really one of the classic daily dramas evee. It has the whole makjang drama troppe of birth secret, love triangles, avenging FL that somehow slowly rose up the ranks
  • Temptation of a Wife - one of the most makjang dramas ive ever saw, yet i love it because of that. And Jang Seohee truly is the queen of makjang and she wilk always be awesome as such
  • Pink Lipstick - kind FL turned avenging woman on a mission. Yup, definitely makjang drama
  • Golden Pouch - definite has birth secrets, love triangles, very naive and kind FL, though not much revenge or  defeating her enemy type of plo. 
  • Others: Be strong geumsoon, Kings daughter Su baekhyang (historical), You are my destiny, smile Donghae

Not really daily dramas, but still long dramas aired on a weekend:

  • New Tales of  a Gisaeng - probably the drama that ypu would enjoy since it has love triangles, birth secrets, poor FL with rich chaebol ML. But overall the story is awesome
  • Life is beautiful (2010) - the best daily family-centric drama. But it doesnt have most of the troppes you are looking for like love traingle, or birth secrets, or becoming rich on revenge. Just awesome story telling of family

Thank you for having answered! Indeed some so long dramas frighten but for me they have a particular charm and in a certain sense I like more to be able to see the evolution of the characters and I have a relationship of hate and love for MAKJANG! also I have seen 'because of meeting you' and I find that the Chinese version is very nice, perhaps more 'romantic', which never spoils!

One well raised daughter is good but... I don't know, sometimes I hate all of them (not Yoon Chan)

I have heard a lot about UGLY ALERT and in fact I want to save it for when I can enjoy because everyone speaks really well of this!

I'm really afraid about YELLOW BOOTS even if I think is a good drama. Does the drama have a happy ending?

TEMPATION OF A WIFE: I have seen a lot of spoliers therefore I think that I will see it among a few years because I don't like the antagonistsa  because in a certain sense they didn't pay for their sins (same for pink lipstic) 

Golden pouch: I would watch this  but I need to see dramas with Revenge .

Really thanks  for your suggestions, you have been so kind and also useful, I will mark the dramas that I don't already have in list. I am looking for something that it's good but not too good  because I am afraid not to  enjoy it and therefore I wouldn't waste a beautiful history

Gracious Revenge is good right now (still airing) 

I want to watch it but I not sure abou who is the male lead because if it’s who I think is I don’t like him.  But the plot seems my cup of tea! What do you think about it? 


I want to watch it but I not sure abou who is the male lead because if it’s who I think is I don’t like him.  But the plot seems my cup of tea! What do you think about it? 

the ML is Kim Heung Soo (Goo Hae Joon) never watched him before I only recognized Cha Ye Ryun  (Star's Lover) and Kim Myung Soo (The Last Empress). This is the first daily drama I tried watching, but I am addicted to it! There's birth secrets, family drama, and a love triangle happening right now. I find it amusing that the woman who switched the babies is desperate to find her own daughter that got kidnapped yet hates her at the same time because she is getting in the way of her other daughter and ML's marriage. I can't wait for the next episodes...

OMG seems really my cup of tea!!!! I love all the things you said lol my favourite daily drama are about revenge and birth secrets .

BUT I don’t like the female lead with koo hea joon, don’t know exactly why ,I didn’t even started to watch it