Sorry if this is a vague question. I haven't really watched many dramas this year. I'm currently watching Beauty Inside when I can be bothered and I'm looking for some good recent dramas, current or from recently. Actually, they don't have to be romance once per se. Dramas with good story lines!

Her Private Life seems to be popular. I dropped it around episode 8, but I can honestly say that it's actually a pretty solid romcom.

Maybe My ID is gangnam beauty? It has good cast, storyline, soundtrack and so one...Its from 2018 if you havent watched it yet ,you can take a look. 

I really recommend Touch Your Heart. It's cute romantic comedy with great cast. Another one 2019 drama I liked is Her Private Life. Kim Jae Wook finally as ML! Also you can try Secret Life of My Secretary. It's ending today. ML is really cute in this drama. 

Angel's last mission love is one of my favorite romances at the moment (still airing)! Thirty but seventeen was a 2018 drama, but the chemistry was amazing! Has the same female lead from Angel's last mission. I would also recommend the Taiwanese drama Before we Get Married, but is about affair and might turn you off, but the chemistry is top-notch! But, if you don't touch affair dramas with a ten foot pole, then ignore my last suggestion. Hope you enjoy it!

I agree, Angel's Last Mission:Love is really good, as is Her Private LIfe. 

These are others that are still currently airing:

  • One Spring Night
  • Search WWW
  • My Absolute Boyfriend (all-be-it a romance with a male robot)
  • My First First Love (S1 was about a month ago and had 8 eps, S2 is on July 26)

Finished airing ( 2019):

  • Top Star Yoo Baek 
  • Romance is a Bonus Book

ONE SPRING NIGHT. A realistic portrayal of complicated relationship. 

One Spring Night. So good.

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